Square, practical and modular: assembling a coldroom

search 16 Feb 2022

modular practical misa coldroom assembly

Do you want a coldroom with the latest technology, but easy to install at the same time? Do you want it to be equipped in such a way that you have everything at your fingertips to save time? Or maybe you want to expand your coldroom instead of buying a new one? Perhaps you think that this is too much to ask at the same time, but there is actually a manufacturer that can meet all these requirements with its coldrooms. Misa coldrooms have been developed based on a modular principle and can therefore be built in the way that best suits your business. This means that even the pillars or corners of a room can be easily integrated into the layout of the coldroom. In this way, Misa can offer mini coldrooms from 3 to 16 cubic metres and maxi cold rooms for refrigerated stores, supermarkets and the processing industry. And as your business grows, you can expand your coldroom to your liking or dismantle and reassemble it elsewhere.


Easy assembly

Misa coldrooms can be installed in less than an hour. You may be thinking, "Of course: a technician who has already installed a thousand cold rooms knows how to get the job done!” But no. The assembly of coldrooms is so well thought out that even non-professionals can do it. In fact, Epta has developed them precisely for this purpose. So you have the choice, and can decide whether you want to assemble your own coldroom or have the Misa experts do it for you. They are both possibilities.


Perfectly closed and insulated

The two patented Fast-Fit and Fastener systems are the basis of the assembly: the former ensures a precise and quick alignment of the panels, while the latter enables a safe and efficient attachment of the elements thanks to composite, non-deformable and highly resistant materials. These materials, produced directly by Misa, increase the durability of the connection and ensure that the cold room can be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere even after many years, without the insulation being damaged. This is possible because silicone is not used in Misa's cold rooms. Instead, gaskets are integrated into the connections of the fixing system, ensuring permanent insulation. So even if you have to move your cold room, this does not affect its durability.


Your own coldroom, made just for you and your needs

Misa has various panels, angles, floors and doors in its programme, so as to provide you with a coldroom that meets exactly your requirements. You can choose between 60-, 100- and 130-mm thick panels. The corner panels, on the other hand, are always 130 millimetres thick, to give the coldroom the stability necessary to support the insulation.


Which door is best suited to your coldroom? And which type of lock? Once again, Misa offers several solutions: sliding or hinged doors, stainless steel-framed hinged doors, aluminium-framed doors, glass or aluminium doors or even semi-recessed doors and flaps.


A robust base

The floor is something that should also not be overlooked when it comes to composing the your perfect coldroom. What requirements does it fulfil in your daily work? What loads does it have to withstand? These are decisive factors for the thickness and quality of the substructure. Misa's walkable floors are made of galvanised and plasticised (0.7-mm-thick) non-slip steel sheets. Like the panels, the floors are also insulated with injected polyurethane. The static load capacity is 1,500 kg/m2 and the point load capacity is 100 kg.


The drive-on floors are also made of galvanised and plasticised steel sheets, available in 0.7 mm or 1 mm thickness. In order to withstand heavier loads, the floors are additionally reinforced with wood and stainless steel. Anti-slip versions are also available on request. The static load capacity of the drive-on floors is between 4,000 and 5,000 kg/m2, the dynamic load capacity between 250 and 1,100 kg/m2. Depending on the model, the point load capacity is between 140 and 600 kg/m2.


Equipped just as you like

Do you need additional options to adapt your coldroom to your needs? Misa offers you the right interior lighting, an automatic door closing mechanism and an access ramp, as well as shelves, grids and baskets for storing your food. In the end, your coldroom will be exactly as you imagined it.