A complete range of services, from designing and planning for stores and refrigerated lines to aftersales services, maintenance, remote monitoring and retrofitting cabinets

Ongoing developments in refrigeration technology are steering it towards complete sustainability. The latest projects require every product to be supplied with services that guarantee the highest possible performance throughout its entire lifecycle.

Within this context, Epta can be classified as a complete system provider for commercial refrigeration, combining its range of products with a host of services supplied by its specialist brands: from designing store layouts to refrigerating plants, refrigerated cabinets and services, installation and end-of-lifecycle services.

Design, Installation and Contracting


After sales services




  • Retail design for store interiors

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Maintenance of the refrigeration plant

  • Supervision and remote monitoring

  • 24/7 Customer assistance

  • Spare Parts

  • Disposal

Retail design for store interiors

Designing the store layout, from the refrigerating plant to refrigerated cabinets

Installation and commissioning

Carried out by specialist technicians who oversee construction of refrigeration plants from start to finish, covering every aspect from installation to commissioning.

Maintenance of the refrigeration plant

Intervention programmes and algorithms are tailored to suit the specific needs of the plant, combining a predictive approach with traditional maintenance.

Supervision and remote monitoring

Control the performance of refrigerated cabinets around the clock, wherever you are: prevent malfunctions and improve performance.

24/7 Customer assistance

Faults managed promptly.

Spare Parts

Rapid sourcing of professional spare parts for commercial refrigeration through our e-commerce platform.


Careful handling of product end of life.