Epta Green facts - best in class energy efficiency Epta Green facts - best in class energy efficiency


Epta is best in class in refrigerated solutions

Best in class energy efficiency

Epta is best in class in refrigerated solutions

In 2021, the refrigeration sector saw the entry into force of Regulations which aim at reducing the consumption and environmental impact of refrigeration equipment. In detail, Ecodesign (2019/2024) establishes the minimum efficiency requirements of products put on the market while the Energy Label (2019/2018) classifies its energy performance.


Best in class energy efficiency

With the third Green Fact, “best in class energy efficiency”, Epta unveils its products in class A, B and C, featuring the vertical Tango Ultra/MultiFresh Perform, Valzer Ultra/MultiFreeze Perform, GranBering Integral Ultra/SkyLight Integral Perform and GranVista Ultra/SkyView Perform, branded Costan and Bonnet Névé. The performance is voluntarily certified by the Group thanks to a third body, EUROVENT. Behind their success is a detailed study of thermodynamics, for better circulation of the air inside the cabinet, merged with the use of high performing evaporators and innovative materials, in favour of higher thermal insulation.


Epta partner of EU projects

Continuous improvement is possible thanks to the participation of Epta in different European projects. These include LIFE VICORPAN promoted by the European Union to improve efficiency and recyclability of refrigerated solutions and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gas.

The new system is based on the use of Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) with open-cell foam produced with natural and recycled materials such as polyurethane, which is characterised by lower thermal conductivity. Epta also contributes to ENOUGH, an EU initiative financed by the research and innovation programme of the European Union Horizon 2020 and coordinated by SINTEF Ocean in Norway, which aims at the carbon neutrality of the entire food chain.

Best in class

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