Design and production of self-service and serve-over refrigerated food cabinets

Epta brands CostanCostan is the original core of Epta. Founded in 1946 in Turin (Italy) as a small-scale industry for producing ice-storehouses and iceboxes, it was bought in 1986. The brand name has always been a byword for unparalleled quality, outstanding service and cutting-edge sustainable products which meet the latest energy-labelling standards.

Costan specialises in designing and producing traditional refrigerated cabinets and refrigerated display cases for serve-over and self-service retail sales of fresh and frozen foods.

Markets served by Costan

Retail sector

Costan products highlights


SlimFit refrigerated display cases

Compact refrigerated display cases combining the design of remote cabinets with optimised capacity and compact built-in units: a sleek look for self-service areas of small stores, minimarkets and convenience stores.


OutFit refrigerated units

A family of products for fresh and perishable goods areas: horizontal and semi-vertical refrigerated furnishings, self-service and serve-over, and refrigerated behind-counter display cases which are highly customisable whilst remaining within the scope of large-scale design solutions.


GranFit refrigerated units

A complete range of units and refrigerated modular cabinets for furnishing fresh, perishable and frozen food areas in full with a single family of technologically advanced, sustainable products and a coordinated identity, making for an enhanced store experience.

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