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Epta is 100% sustainable innovation

Endless research in innovative system technologies

Epta is 100% sustainable innovation

The world of refrigeration has been committed to reducing fluorinated greenhouse refrigerant gases for some time, in accordance with European regulation F-Gas. On 7 February 2023 a proposal was also presented to ECHA by the national authorities of Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden to limit new PFAS substances including different HFC and HFO refrigerants in accordance with the REACH Regulation. Epta’s goal is also to increasingly encourage the use of natural refrigerants along the cold chain, and it presents itself @Euroshop 2023 with 3 Green Facts, namely tangible actions to limit the environmental impact of the entire chain.


Endless research in innovative system technologies

Specifically, the first Green Fact, “endless research in innovative system technologies”, relates to investments in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies able to respond to the climate changes underway. The challenge won by Epta is to make the use of CO2 natural refrigerant increasingly more efficient and advantageous at every latitude, even in the most extreme climates. A milestone achieved thanks to a sustainable innovation route which began with FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency), followed by ETE (Extreme Temperature Efficiency) and now by XTE (Extra Transcritical Efficiency).


XTE, beyond the limits of CO2

The collaboration with Energy Recovery, a Californian company specialised in the creation of technologies for the energy efficiency of industrial and commercial systems, has led to XTE (Extra Transcritical Efficiency) the newest patent pending system which foresees the use of an energy recovery device, the PX G1300, already widespread in water desalination and now readapted to be integrated into the latest generation CO2 refrigeration systems of Epta.

The key advantage ensured by XTE is the increase in system performance all year. The system already goes into operation from +10°C, but at temperatures above +40°C it even allows saving of more than 30% compared to a traditional transcritical system.

Epta continues to evolve to optimise existing solutions, to offer clients the tools for a true ecological transition. A success made possible thanks to sharing with the Energy Recovery experts, for the benefit of the entire HVAC&R sector.

XTE - Extra Transcritical Efficiency

Discover the Epta Way to improve CO2 transcritical systems with our patent pending XTE System

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