For us, sharing value is a daily commitment – one that involves the whole supply chain, including the people, area and communities it operates within. People are the cornerstone of our future and as a socially responsible company, we believe social responsibility doesn’t just end with initiatives for our employees. In fact, we actively embrace projects that protect the community environment and well-being, thereby strengthening bonds with them.

Community engagement strategy and initiatives

We are proud to be a multinational group that maintains strong ties with the local communities we operate in. Learn more about the many community engagement initiatives described below.

Saving Heritage with FAI

Since 2015, we have been a Corporate Golden Donor of the FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano, a fund that works to safeguard Italy’s cultural legacy. It has seen restoration work on the San Fruttuoso Abbey in Genoa and will continue to support work on Villa dei Vescovi, a historically-inspired palace in Padua.

Reforestation of the Val Visdende

We are supporting the Veneto’s plan to reforest the Val Visdende, one of the areas worst hit by storm Vaia in 2018. This will lead to 18,000 trees being cultivated by local experts. The objective is to restore the area where we are a recognized name thanks to our Costan and Eurocryor brands.

Youth training and human resources promotion

Knowledge leads to innovation. For this reason, Epta supports projects that foster training for young people and talent growth, thereby boosting their technical expertise and getting a foothold in the employment market.

School at Istituto Salesiano Manfredini

We’ve helped set up the Scuola del Freddo (Refrigeration School) at Istituto Salesiano Manfredini of Este (near Padua). The partnership has created an occupational course and refrigeration lab to train refrigerator technicians of the future.

School refrigeration workshop Training Center Frigoristi

Working in conjunction with Assocold and Assofrigoristi, in 2019 the Group inaugurated Italy’s first school refrigeration workshop to train up future refrigerator technicians in line with UNI EN 13313 standard. It is also the first school in Europe to recreate an entire small-scale store fitted with innovative transcritical CO2 technology, supplied by Epta. Training Center Frigoristi is named after Luigi Nocivelli, the founder of the Epta Group, who firmly believed in the importance of education and curiosity.

Refrigeration School - Cantau Epta School 4.0

Epta France and Liceo Polivalente Cantau, together with SEPCO (the Association of Installation and Refrigeration technicians) of Bayonne and DANFOSS, have joined forces to create the Cantau EptaSchool 4.0, a refrigeration school which aims to become a point of reference in France for training qualified technicians for the commercial and industrial refrigeration supply chain.

Training and career guidance for young people

In conjunction with Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and other local companies, we support Treccani Scuola’s modular training programme for high school students in Belluno, and Casale Monferrato, Italy. The course is vital for gaining career expertise and teaches automation, lean manufacturing, environmental sustainability and more.

Epta Deutschland Training Center

In 2023 we launched a Training Center in Mannheim, near where our German office is located. It’s a hub for sharing our know-how with young refrigeration technicians and professionals, and for giving them the tools for professional growth thanks to a fully equipped CO2 small scale store. The training offerc is comprised of a rich programme of theoretical and practical courses.

Refrigeration training with DAAS Academy

“DAAS Academy: the future begins today” comes from the partnership between DAAS, the Technological High School ‘Elie Radu’ of Ploiesti, and the local government in Romania. It began in 2019 with the aim of training future refrigeration technicians and in 2022, the first 15 “Frigotechnists” graduated.




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Refrigeration technician training: the Refrigeration School in Padua