Designing refrigeration plants and identifying the solution that best suits the client’s need

Epta brand EptaTechnicaEptaTechnica is the brand which designs, produces and installs refrigeration systems and plants to meet specific needs of Retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and industrial businesses. EptaTechnica’s range covers everything from refrigeration units to complete refrigeration systems, specifically designed to be simple, efficient and sustainable in any climate.

EptaTechnica is the result of the experience of the Epta multinational Group in this field. Its consolidated expertise is confirmed by its participation in the LIFE Programme of the European Union. The Life-C4R project - Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration, which falls within the Mitigation area co-funded by the EU (n° LIFE17 CCM/IT/000120) was conceived with the aim of promoting natural refrigeration as a standard technology in Europe.



Technological refrigeration systems

EptaTechnica offers innovative solutions, such us FTE and ETE, which make it possible to contain energy consumption and guarantee the best levels of performance.


Technical design for refrigeration systems

EptaTechnica designs complete and customised systems for refrigeration.



Small,medium and large power refrigeration units that integrate the latest technologies to meet the energy needs of any stores.

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