Epta technologies for connectivity Epta technologies for connectivity


Digital Services

Servitization, Epta's digital appoach to comprehensive solutions offer 

Epta's approach in the Digital servitization as enabler for complete and cutting-edge solutions

EptaService renews its commitment to retailers by adopting a new take for stores, with a view to an increasingly high-tech future. The most advanced digital technologies take the form of the new Epta connectivity solutions suited for cold rooms, refrigeration systems and refrigerated cabinets: these enable advanced diagnostic platforms LineON (for plug-ins) and SwitchON (for remote cabinets). The new digital environments give users a detailed overview of the operating parameters of Epta solutions remotely for commercial refrigeration round the clock. A further plus-point of its digital services is the option of adding on performance management and control for the store, in order to reduce energy consumption.

These brand new technologies are the tangible example of the importance Epta attaches to servitization, featured with an ever-increasing integration of products and services through digitalization.


SwitchON: Advanced diagnostics platform for remote and central refrigerated cabinets, for an efficient predictive maintenance

Epta technologies for connectivity

SwitchON is an advanced diagnostic platform offering distance access to remote refrigeration cabinets and control units. The evolved functions, combined with predictive maintenance algorithms, ensure reliability and safety. SwitchON offers Retailers technical information about refrigerated cabinets’ temperature, moisture and defrosting to ensure proper preservation of products. A further advantage comes in the form of a monitoring system on the platform which records any anomalies in real time. Specific alarms then advise which part requires attention. SwitchON not only promptly flags the fault, but it also helps technicians in troubleshooting processes, supplying a guide that is intuitive, structured and effective so that any malfunctions can be resolved quickly.


LineON: digital solution for plug-ins that are always online, for an ongoing remote monitoring

Epta technologies for connectivity

LineON is the digital solution for plug-ins, offering simple and intuitive remote controlling features. It makes possible to analyse a wide variety of plug-in cabinet parameters around the clock, including temperature, moisture levels and energy consumption rates. This guarantees the quality of the products on display, requiring less maintenance and greater efficiency. LineON allows refrigerated cabinets to be geolocated, sending an alert if units are moved or stolen. It can also extract reports on check-ups run on plug-in cabinets or information concerning sales trends and consumer preferences. It is possible to harness data gathered using the relevant web platform, or via an App for iOS and Android devices. LineON is supplied in three different modes:

  • Full OEM Solution: the technology is already on board (installed during the production process), with direct access to services
  • Ready To Connect: units are predisposed for use with IoT services during production, making subsequent activation simpler
  • Smart Plug Solution: a specific accessory box is installed as retrofit on plug-ins