Refrigeration is a high energy-consuming business. In the average-size supermarket, approximately 40% of energy is used by cold chain equipment. This is mainly what prompted us to adopt and promote a green approach towards environmental corporate responsibility and environmental management.

We have long since embarked on a path that drives us to combat climate change; one that encourages the rational use of water resources and protects the environment so as not to damage the ecosystem around us, thus preserving it for future generations. However, we don’t want to appear virtuous only on paper. We care about being valued for what we actually do, which is why we are structuring ourselves with systems that enable us to turn our projects into concrete, measurable actions. That way, our long-term success will increasingly depend on a responsible approach in the interest of all our stakeholders.

Key environmental results and goals


Recycled waste by 2025


of waste recycled in 2022


CO2 emissions vs. 2021


H2O consumptions vs. 2020


Reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025

€ 1.86 mln

CAPEX of investments for the environment in 2022

Sustainable partnerships and green initiatives

Epta’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is born out of a number of initiatives and partnerships designed to promote sustainability.

Epta for Air France-KLM

We are working with Air France-KLM to promote the use of biofuel development for air transportation. The initiative involves research and development into biofuel to reduce CO₂ emissions, whilst raising awareness of the need for green transition to reduce pollution.

EptaPeople Forest on Treedom

Our EptaPeople Forest is managed with Treedom: the first online platform to enable the planting of trees, which we can observe growing from a distance. Between 2020 and 2023, we will have cultivated 1,500 fruit trees in various parts of the world.

Epta and Ecovadis

Epta has partnered with EcoVadis, the leading provider of corporate sustainability ratings. The joint objective is to self-assess our level of ESG as well as to monitor the operations of its business partners and suppliers, while encouraging ever-higher standards in terms of sustainable procurement.



20 Nov 2023

EU Harmonized Standard EN IEC 60335-2-89:2022 allowing 500 G of R290 propane in commercial refrigeration applications in force



16 Oct 2023



12 Oct 2023

F-GAS: Council and Parliament reach agreement