Epta’s Environmental, Social, Governance approach Epta’s Environmental, Social, Governance approach


Epta’s Environmental, Social, Governance approach

Our ESG frameworks and standards, and why they matter

Why is ESG important to us?

ESG is the best approach for any company wishing to keep up with today’s evolving business landscape, and contribute towards a more sustainable future. We at Epta want to be that kind of company.

We decided to integrate ESG goals into our strategy and governance, along with solid targets and measurable KPIs. Additionally, we established an ESG Advisory Committee with the goal of promoting continuous integration of national and international best practices into the company's corporate governance in order to pursue sustainable success.



In the average-sized supermarket, approximately 40% of energy is consumed by the supermarket fridge. This is one of the main factors that prompted us to take practical steps toward environmental corporate responsibility: a natural, ever-evolving approach that influences every aspect of company life. 

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For us at Epta, sharing value is a daily commitment – one that involves the whole value chain. It also benefits the people and local communities it operates in, as well as plants and offices that have enabled it to build up a reputation. At the same time, sharing value means investing in the diversity, professional value and uniqueness of Epta’s people – both in managerial and technical or specialist positions. They represent the primary value for our growth and future development.



Our ESG community engagement policies support projects that strengthen our bond with local communities. We work to protect the values and environment of the communities we work with, taking a vested interest in the well-being of those communities.



#EptaPeople are our most valuable assets. We are proud to give them tools to grow personally and professionally within our ESG framework.

Governance in ESG

We firmly believe that good corporate governance principles generate positive impacts on the environment and society. We have a robust Corporate Governance model with transparent and responsible business operations, which promotes sustainable medium- and long-term value for all stakeholders.