Identity of Epta and the pillars Identità del gruppo multinazionale Epta, leader nella refrigerazione commerciale



The identity of Epta. A leader in commercial refrigeration

Who we are and what we do 

Epta is a multinational company specialised in commercial refrigeration solutions for Retail, Food&Beverage and Hospitality. An international player and key partner for designing, producing and selling complete refrigeration systems, Epta combines specific product ranges with a host of services.

The Group operates globally through its long-established brands Costan (1946), Bonnet Névé (1930), Eurocryor (1991), Misa (1969), Iarp (1983) and Kysor Warren (1882). Solutions include traditional refrigerated display cases, vertical and semi-vertical positive temperature cabinets, vertical and horizontal negative temperature cabinets, built-in refrigerator cabinets (Plug-in) for Retail and Food&Beverage, medium and high-power refrigeration units, refrigerated cabinets and cold rooms for the catering industry.

Our history

Epta started out life as an Italian family-run business before expanding its horizons. It soon went on to become an international venture which now sustains operations in over 80 countries and 11 manufacturing facilities worldwide.


The vocation and the logo

The Epta logo also has its own story to tell. As with all symbols, it started out with the goal of conveying the Group’s identity and mission: to provide commercial refrigeration solutions that harness cold-capturing technologies for preserving the food we all need.

Our Mission

Proud to contribute to the success of our customer's sales outlet.
Simple, safe and appealing purchases.


Our Vision

"The preferred local partner for customised product and refrigeration system solutions.
The ultimate technology and design for the unique store."

Innovation reloaded: the Epta Sustainable System

We are committed to sustainable innovation, hence our system Innovation Reloaded. It enables our clients’ green transition so they can run energy-efficient commercial stores. It embraces industry changes in digitalization, proximization and servitization as well as sustainability industry trends.

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