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Design Awards


ADI Design Index

2022, 2020, 2018

Axis, the Iarp plug-in with three temperatures; Healthy, an urban and sustainable oasis designed by architect Massimiliano Mandarini in conjunction with Giorgio De Ponti, Product Strategy Manager at Epta; Velvet/Shape by Costan and Bonnet Névé, and Restaur-action in retail corner by Epta were featured in top-flight ADI magazine published by the Industrial Design Association, covering the finest products in Italian design.


Janus de l'industrie

2021, 2016, 2015, 2014

a prize awarded for products with standout aesthetics and tangible benefits for end users. Won with Visualis Eurocryor in 2021, #EPTABricks in 2016, Impact Eurorcyor in 2015 and RevUP Family Bonnet Névé in 2014.


Smart label

2021, 2019, 2017

award given by Host Fiera Milano and for the most innovative products and companies in Hospitality and Retail. The prize was presented for Visualis Eurocryor in 2021, Glee IoT by Iarp in 2019 and Restaur-action in retail corner by Epta and Electrolux in 2017.


German Design Award

2020, 2016

Award from the German Design council, a body established by the Deutsche Bundestag (German Parliament) in 1953 to showcase innovations generating added design-related value for brands. Presented in 2020 to Velvet Costan and to RevUP Family Costan in 2016.


Retail institute Award Italy

2018, 2017

The most important Retail Marketing and POP contest is organized by Retail Institute Italy, one of the best-known marketing and retail associations. It was won by Epta with the Bennet Smart Lecco (2018) and Restaur-action in retail corner (2017) designs.


Trophées LSA Category management


#EPTABricks were presented with the LSA du Category Management - Démarche Cross-Canal for the innovation and sophisticated nature of the product.

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