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Why Epta?

We are committed to our #EptaPeople and creating modern commercial refrigeration solutions that adhere to environmental sustainability, technological innovation through digital solutions, and customer satisfaction.

Why work for Epta?

Here, innovative minds flourish. Epta takes pride in nurturing a culture of work flexibility, fostering an international stable and open working environment that encourages team synergy and growth.

Are You Ready to Become a Fresh Thinker?

Here are some tips and tricks to help you during the hiring process, whether you are a new graduate or experienced professional.

Updating is Crucial

Keep your CV cool

Ambition is Welcome

Tell us what inspires you and what drives you to work for Epta

Be Fearless

Don't shy away from your failures and strengths; highlight your skills

Let Ideas Flourish

Showcase your fresh point of views and ideas

Collaborative Mindset

Teamwork makes the dream work; highlight your ability to collaborate with others

Research is Key

Feel free to read about our company through our website or social media channels

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We celebrate diversity and cultures

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