At Epta, we are committed to investing in new and innovative products, technologies and processes that consider new regulations, health, and environmental safety. Our innovations are focused on improving the energy and environmental performance of our products so that they’re efficient and sustainable, both environmentally and economically.

Digitalization also plays a very important role in offering retailers key services and information for better shop management: this is why we continuously develop IOT technologies that enable Epta's products to be connected. IoT devices enrich our products because they allow our customers to better control their cost of ownership, and to plan their store more strategically (geolocalization and fleet management; telemetry for preventive maintenance and merchandising data).

Open Innovation: support for start-ups and innovation as a way of life

For us, product innovation also takes the form of open innovation activities involving start-ups and organisations outside Epta.

Cultifutura, for example, is a start-up offering vertical farming solutions for urban environments. It was created by our business partner Corporate Hangar, a farm innovation incubator in Milan. Cultifutura supports CultEvo, a hydroponic fully automated cultivation system that allows vegetable and herb gardens to be grown where people live and work, thereby supporting sustainable urban agriculture.


Product Innovation and state-of-the-art Solutions

Epta’s Research and Development department is constantly working on innovative products that combine original forms with sustainability, energy efficiency and digital transformation for a truly innovative shopping experience.

LineON: smart plug-in cabinets

This digital solution from EptaService offers a variety of services for our plug-in and built-in refrigerators. Solutions can be tailored to meet the customer’s needs and based on advanced connectivity, which collects and analyses data such as temperature, moisture and consumption rates.

#EPTABricks: e-commerce refrigerated lockers

Our refrigerated lockers can be paired with e-commerce platforms. Consumers can collect food and non-food items ordered online when and wherever they like – even when the stores are closed. The refrigerated storage box can be placed in or outdoors; in key commuter locations; in major companies or near shopping centres.near shopping centres.

VIPay: from plug-in to smart vending

Epta-branded digital technology turns Iarp plug-ins into smart vending machines. Ideal in every situation, in a store or in office,  these smart units thanks to an identification system with video cameras recognize the good taken and automatically accounts on it. With VIPay you can also pay simply and quickly with a credit card, badge or app. 

European research programs

Our commitment to research activities at European and international level continues in line with the most sensitive issues for the commercial refrigeration sector. After the experience with the Life-C4R project, which is internationally recognized as a milestone in the development of sustainable solutions, we are actively involved in various research programs with universities, research institutes and companies.


ENOUGH project

Funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme and coordinated by SINTEF Ocean in Norway, ENOUGH aims to decarbonize food distribution, cold-chain and refrigeration technologies.


VicorPan project

The project contributes to climate change mitigation and its objective is to demonstrate how to improve the energy efficiency and recyclability of VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panels) in domestic and commercial refrigeration.


Life Carbon 4 Retail Refrigration Project

This project promotes natural refrigeration whilst replacing HCFC and HFC refrigerants with transcritical CO2 by harnessing FTE and ETE Epta technologies. Simple effective everywhere solutions, tested on  a variety of installations  to promote sustainable innovation.



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15 Mar 2023

LifeCycle Program EptaService


24 Nov 2022

Cold room polyurethane insulation panel: Epta participates in LIFE VICORPAN for the environment