The pillars of Epta, sustainable commercial refrigeration solutions Pillar aziendali del gruppo Epta



The pillars of Epta: a commercial refrigeration company which supplies its clients with complete and sustainable solutions

The Epta System

The Epta System is the rationale underpinning the Group as a whole: the winning combination of products, services, technologies, ideas and people that make Epta an integrated commercial refrigeration partner supporting client and stakeholder businesses.

Sustainable innovation as a system

The Epta System is based on the principle of Sustainable Innovation: a range of value, experience and technological ethics which guide the Group’s evolved, sustainable and responsible innovation, for a socially responsible company.

Sustainable Innovation

Your #storevolution: The Epta System

The Epta System helps the world of Retail, Food&Beverage and Hospitality evolve. It supplies attractive installations made to measure using refrigerated units and cabinets that create a dynamic effect in every store layout. At the same time, they guarantee uncompromising performance, a reduced carbon footprint for the environment, responsible use of resources, unbeatable efficiency and operational continuity: your #storevolution, The Epta System. 

Our People

Within the organisation itself, the Epta System embodies the approach of all those who work for the Group. Every colleague, regardless of which Epta firm they work for, is part of a single company that showcases the value of individual experience. A living, breathing system in which each person helps generate value.