Marco Nocivelli

Chairman and CEO

The fifth of Luigi Nocivelli’s seven children and founder of Epta began working for the Group in 2000, garnering increasingly strategic roles whilst promoting the Group’s international growth. In 2011 he became Chief Executive Officer, and in 2016 he was appointed Chairman of Epta. He has received numerous recognitions for his entrepreneurial achievements, including the “Cavaliere del Lavoro” (Order of Merit for Labour) presented to him in 2020 by the President of the Italian Republic. He has been the Chairman of ANIMA (the Italian Federation of Mechanical and Engineering Associations) since 2019.


Massimo Albertario

Chief Financial Officer

At the helm of the Group’s Finance area, he drives efforts to achieve strategic business goals whilst ensuring complete control and reliability of financials. He is also responsible for managing and guaranteeing effective communication between investors, the Board of Directors, the CEO and operational Management. Under his leadership, the Finance area has supported 17 M&A’s transactions and promoted growth which has seen the Group triple in size. He joined Epta in 2007.


Michela Bambara

Chief Digital & Information Officer

In her role of Chief Digital & Information Officer she is required to maintain IT operations and cybersecurity and to coordinate the execution of the IT transformation programme with the goal of supporting the Group’s digitalisation. She joins Epta in 2022, following solid experience gained in the same role in top companies of the industrial sector.

Epta executive committe_Galante

Fernando Galante

Americas Regional Director

Galante is at the helm of Epta’s growth and development on the American continent, one of the Group’s most strategic development markets. He has been with Epta for over 20 years, and has managed the Group expansion in the LATAM area, as well as key operations such as the acquisition of sales and services companies in Chile and Peru in 2013 and 2021, and their incorporation into Epta LATAM.


Gennaro Gentile

Chief Industrial Officer

He joined Epta in 2012 as After Sales Manager, with the aim of promoting a shift towards a 100% service-oriented culture. In 2016 he became General Manager for Asia & Pacific, and after managing expansion for four years, he was nominated Chief Industrial Officer in 2021.


Christian Le Gousse

EMEA Chief Commercial Officer

Head of the Group’s commercial development in the EMEA area, his goal is to make Epta the undisputed leader of the refrigeration industry. He joined Epta France in 1992 as a Key Account Manager; he then moved to Asia as Sales Manager before returning to France as Export Sales Manager in 2000. He has since been the Sales Manager of the French area, General Manager of Epta UK and General Manager of Epta France and Epta Iberia. He has been Chief Commercial Officer EMEA since 2019.


William Pagani

Chief Marketing Officer

In his present position, he is responsible for stimulating innovation whilst guaranteeing sustainable development of the business and coordinating Epta’s Product and Brand Management, Communication, Innovation Center, Technical Marketing, System Engineering, Institutional Affairs and Intellectual Property departments. Under his guidance, more than 100 new products have been launched. He joined Epta in 2010 as International Sales Manager, before going on to become International Sales and Marketing Manager. He was appointed Chief Marketing Officer in 2015.


Gessica Perego

Chief Human Resources Officer

In her current role she is engaged on Group development strategy promoting a culture based on cooperation, meritocracy and fairness. People development, empowerment and recognition are also key principles for her. She joined Epta in 2022 after having covered international HR roles in leading multinational companies.


Christophe Thuet

APAC Regional Director

In his role as APAC Regional Director, he manages all the Business and Operations in the region and is responsible for Epta’s expansion in Asia-Pacific, which is one of the Group’s main geographical expansion targets, particularly focusing on F&B and Retail segments.  Before joining Epta, he held strategic and leadership roles in APAC, in leading multinational manufacturing companies.