Epta at Euroshop 2023 Epta at Euroshop2023


Epta at Euroshop2023

Innovation Reloaded. The Epta Sustainable System

EuroShop, the world’s leading Retail trade fair, has reconfirmed itself yet again as a centre of attraction for visitors from all over the world, source of innovation and inspiration for the entire sector. Epta was among the protagonists of the event: the claim of the group Innovation Reloaded: The Epta Sustainable System is a journey through responsible innovation, tangibly represented at the heart of the set-up by three Green Facts that prove Epta’s commitment to the environment and Retailers.

The Green Facts are expressed in the invitation to Retailers to refurbish their store: REstore your future is Epta’s promise developed in each area of the stand in which new solutions and technologies contribute to ensure maximum efficiency, reduced carbon footprint and an original and exclusive visual identity.

Green facts, not just words!

As a complete system provider, Epta accompanies retailers through their green transition: the real challenges they face today call for real products and real actions, which a Group with a truly sustainable know-how can transform into concrete green facts.

Endless research in innovative system technologies

A real green transition towards sustainiability

Best in class energy efficiency

REstore your future

RESTORE with Epta’s sustainable innovation. A vision applied to our solutions, representing our way of being and operating. One that ensures all-around efficiency in line with the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s store.



Epta recharges stores with its GranFit/SkyEffect and SlimFit/Multicity ranges by Costan and Bonnet Névé, now even more efficient



Epta is accompanying Retailers and consumers in a transition as they rediscover the Discount format which focuses on the shopping experience, on the quality of the range and on sustainability



Servitization and digitalization are must-haves when it comes to Epta, the complete system provider. It has renewed its commitment to Retailers by adopting a new take for stores, with a view to an increasingly high-tech future



Simple, ingenious, efficient in any climate: EptaTechnica is a brand dedicated to developing and designing refrigeration systems that are innovative, customised and sustainable for the HVAC&R sector



Eurocryor’s Team of Specialists accompanies Retailers throughout the entire process of restyling stores in order to ensure their needs are satisfied in full



EptaConcept is the multidisciplinary team at Epta which, thanks to its boundless creativity, breathes life into evocative universes inside shopping areas, shop-in-shops and specialist stores



OutFit and Mozaïk families by Costan and Bonnet Névé represent the identity of each brand to perfection. They transform stores into unique and distinguishable reference points, whilst remaining firmly in line with large-scale solutions

Best of Epta at #EuroShop2023

Let´s have a look at the highlights from #euroshop2023! Our promise: "Innovation Reloaded. The Epta Sustainable System" was very well received by all visitors and the message of the Green Facts was truly tangible.