EptaService is the brand which specialises in offering aftersales services for the Retail, Food and Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca. channel

Epta brand EptaServiceThe highly qualified staff at EptaService avail of all the very latest technological tools to offer complete assistance and expert aftersales consultancy. This ensures greater sustainability of refrigeration plants in terms of energy efficiency and emissions.

Alongside its maintenance, retrofitting, spare parts and field services, Epta also supplies highly evolved services designed to harness digital technologies and data analytics for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.



Retrofit, regenerating refrigerator cabinets

Retrofitting allows the lifespan of refrigerator cabinets and cooling equipment to be extended, whilst bringing them into line with current regulations in force and increasing their energy efficiency


E-commerce Spare Parts

An online e-commerce platform, a place for professionals to purchase spare parts for refrigerated cabinets and display cases online


Field Service, field assistance

Covers all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance provided by specialist refrigeration technicians for refrigerated cabinets and refrigeration plants installed in Retail and Hospitality premises.


Remote monitoring systems for controlling and monitoring refrigeration systems from a distance

Operative 24/7: users can monitor stores constantly, enabling them to intervene promptly in the event of any;issues that arise,even from afar.

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