Concept design service and product development Servizio di concept design, sviluppo prodotti


Concept Design

Concept design in developing products

Epta works with its clients to design the solutions that they need, whether it’s a refrigerated cabinet or the entire layout of a food store.

Businesses are often looking for a partner that they can place in charge of turnkey projects for their store: in this situation, the Epta Group offers the full experience of its team of experts, covering a host of services which can help build small and large business premises. The team analyses the concept and handles the supplies for all the furnishings needed, whether refrigerated or otherwise.

Epta also provides support with designing and producing customised refrigeration cabinets. Its modular, flexible approach means its cabinets can be tailored to the specific needs of clients, who can choose size, accessories, colours and finishes.

Discover Epta’s Concept Design solutions for unique featured spaces within store!

The Group works with its clients to design the ideal refrigeration solution, whether it’s a refrigerated cabinet or the entire food store layout.

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A specialist service for crafting the layout of customised retail spaces, original kiosks and themed shop-in-shops for an exclusive consumer experience.