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Development and Growth

Keep it Cool

Working in Epta means contributing to offering the latest commercial refrigeration solutions and providing the tools to nurture your ideas and  professional growth to keep innovation at the heart of our company.

Leadership skills


Bring change

Innovation has always been the strength of our organization. Today, innovation is happening from an even broader perspective by focusing on products, services, and processes.


Create value

Being called on to create value means investing passion, dedicating the right resources, taking the financial impacts of decisions into account and aiming to optimize activities and processes.


Inspiring people

Choosing to make ongoing investments in our own development and that of our co-workers and colleagues, with a listening and inclusion- based approach, in order to achieve successful business performance standards.


Dynamic focus

Proactiveness and flexibility are key words for capturing and tackling the new market challenges; agility and taking prompt action has become crucial.


Customer devotion

Adopt the utmost efficiency in creating a mutual relationship of trust and quality with each client by staying one step ahead of their needs. This also means having a positive, constructive approach to interaction with the markets.


Bold execution

Harness a vision that motivates and guides our team to overcome every hurdle to enable us to achieve the best business goals. Respect commitments made for deadlines, costs, and quality.


Owing responsibility

Take a responsible approach every day; an approach that focuses on objectives and the most effective initiatives for achieving them. And answer for every decision and every result personally.


Global player

Play a pivotal role in an international environment which brings people closer together, respecting each separate identity where style, culture and experience are concerned. This creates the perfect meeting point between diversities, promoting inclusion and exchange within the Group.


Team sinergy

Working in a team is a galvanizing experience. Objectives and results are tangible and a climate of cooperation, respect and trust is fostered.

Health & Occupational Safety

promoting professional growth

We strive to promote an occupational health and safety culture throughout our company, whether in production sites, offices, or when remote working.

The Epta group is dedicated to guaranteeing safe products and the security of our people. We promote a safe culture thanks to continuous education with training courses on relevant topics, with a particular attention to new #EptaPeople.

EPTAcademy Leadership Program: Epta and SDA Bocconi

Since 2017, Epta has collaborated with the SDA Bocconi School of Management to forge new talent and further develop skills through the EPTAcademy Leadership Program.

Epta and SDA Bocconi

Be an Effective People Leader

This course concerns the development of managers within Epta based on our leadership pillars.


Be an Effective Business Leader

This is a course that's dedicated to developing a strategic vision with the customer, innovation, and entrepreneurship at the heart of everything.

Creating and nurturing a community of fresh thinkers is important to us: EPTAcademy Alumni Community facilitates connection between current and former participants, allowing the exchange of knowledge and experiences, fostering the development of a common global managerial mindset.

How We Keep Learning Cool

Epta promotes the 70-20-10 developmet model, where our people learn 70% of their knowledge from real-life experience, 20% from developmental relationships, and 10% from coursework.

We offer tailored learning experiences that vary from country to country to maximize talent and skills to deliver on our promise to put our people and their ideas first for a culture of innovation.

Sustainable and Fresh Innovation

The innovation of products and services is at the heart of our company values, in order to business  forward and improve customer satisfaction. Thanks to our Innovation Center, we can design modern products and services that lie at the cutting edge of technology.

Sustainable Innovation

We Welcome Fresh Minds

#EptaPeople create our unique company identity and we are proud to give them tools to grow                                    

A multicultural company that values diversity


The principles that guide us daily


History and Origins

The Governance

Sustainable Innovation