Complete commercial refrigeration solutions designed specifically for Food & Beverage

More than ever before, the ability to evolve is crucial for the success of the Food & Beverage market: businesses increasingly look for visual merchandising options that can make their brand stand out, whilst also stimulating impulse buys. At the same time, it is increasingly crucial to offer technologies for sustainable economic development, which support digital evolution whilst affording new buying experiences.

Thanks to the expertise behind its specialised brands, Epta is able to supply food & beverage businesses its plug-in refrigerated cabinets, which combine a natural refrigerant with outstanding customisation and technology.

Segments served in the Food & Beverage market

Bars and ice-cream parlours

Ice-cream is eaten all year round and is increasingly the protagonist of innovative formats such as flagship stores or single-brand shops. Iarp, the Epta Group’s specialist brand, means the Group has a wide range of products designed specifically for this food type, with its refrigerated cabinets for bars and ice-cream parlours, and refrigerated display cases.

Beverage Producers and drinks dispensers

Product promotion, brand awareness and sustainability: these are the three cornerstones of the beverage market, for which Epta has designed professional refrigeration equipment in its specialist brand, Iarp

The automatic Vending Retail sector

The vending segment calls for increasingly connected, efficient and sustainable products that ensure the purchasing experience is practical and quick: the Group’s range for automatic vending machines for food, ice-creams and drinks meets all these requirements in full.

Types of refrigerated professional equipment for the Food & Beverage sector.

Find out about the product categories designed specifically for the world of Food and Beverage


Refrigerated display cases for drinks

Flexible solutions that meet the needs of clients, featuring high product visibility, excellent preservation and bespoke finishes both inside and out. Innovation and design ensure these refrigerated display cases are the perfect choice for bars, restaurants and promotional areas in supermarkets.


Automatic vending machines

Products which are easy to use, prompt impulse buys and at the same time are equally efficient and sustainable.


Refrigerated cabinets and freezer cabinets for ice-creams and frozen food

Refrigeration equipment designed to enable clients to preserve and display a wide variety of ice-creams, placing the product on show and stimulating impulse buys.

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