Epta brand Kysor WarrenKysor Warren has been in the refrigeration business for over 135 years, during which time it consolidated its position as America’s third-largest manufacturer of refrigerated cabinets and commercial refrigeration systems. It became part of the Epta Group in 2019.

Its main strength lies in the design, production and sale of refrigerated cabinets and systems for commercial refrigeration which are efficient, complete and at the technological cutting edge for supermarkets, convenience stores and other areas of the Retail and foodservice sector.

Kysor Warren is where tradition and innovation, reliability and creativity all meet: these characteristics enable it to offer professionals in North and Central America the very best solutions for commercial refrigeration.

Markets served by Kysor Warren

Retail sector

Kysor Warren products highlights


Refrigerated cabinets for small stores: Tango KW

Kysor Warren supplies integral refrigerator cabinets for small surfaces and convenience stores. They include the Tango KW, a refrigerated vertical positive built-in cabinet which is efficient and low in environmental impact.


Refrigerated units and systems

Kysor Warren produces and supplies complete refrigeration units and systems for commercial requirements. Designed to meet the specific needs of customers, they harness innovative natural CO2 refrigerant technologies.


Vertical refrigerated cabinets for large stores: GranBering KW

Kysor Warren offers a variety of vertical refrigerated cabinets for large stores. Products include the GranBering KW, a refrigerated vertical negative cabinet distinguished by its high product visibility, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance.

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