Epta’s core beliefs I valori aziendali di Epta


Our Values

Epta’s core beliefs

Let’s deep dive into the Epta values that guide our company. These values ensure a safe work environment that allows us to learn and grow toward a sustainable future.

Characteristics That Define Who We Are


It’s all about being open to new ideas, appreciating the contributions and strengths of others, and recognizing that success is a team effort. Humility involves courage and embracement of change, with a commitment to improve.

Looking Forward

We are in continuous pursuit of improvement and proactive thinking about future opportunities and challenges. It’s about being proactive and open-minded towards new opportunities.


It's about empowering people to make decisions while trusting their judgement to find creative solutions. We encourage boldness and feedback to accelerate innovation and confidence.


The commitment to honesty, fairness and respect is crucial. It means being accountable for your actions and never compromising your personal standards.


We believe in trust and consistency to deliver on expectations with the utmost quality and integrity. Keep your word and honoring promises assures dependability.


Principles of fairness, respect and responsibility are essential. It involves being mindful of how people and the environment are always treated and following ethical ideals.


It relates to the core values and beliefs guiding #EptaPeople daily. They provide a strong basis for an open culture and engaged work environment for, in turn, a sense of purpose and loyalty.

We Welcome Fresh Minds

#EptaPeople create our unique company identity and we are proud to give them tools to grow                                    

History and Origins

The Governance

Sustainable Innovation


A multicultural company that values diversity


We value your ideas and knowledge