Production of customised plug-in cabinets

Epta brand IARPFirst established in 1983 in Casale Monferrato, Italy, Iarp specialises in manufacturing refrigerated plug-in cabinets for Food & Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca. businesses. Iarp joined the Group in March 2013.

The brand’s most distinctive trait is its ability to produce tailor-made, plug-in solutions, including on an exclusive basis. Its highly flexible products are customisable, sustainable and efficient. Iarp has extensive experience in developing refrigerated solutions for displaying and selling ice-cream.

Markets served by Iarp

Food and Beverage Sector

Ho.Re.Ca. channel

Iarp products highlights


Delight refrigerated ice-cream display cases

Iarp’s wide range of refrigerated display cases has been designed to display and preserve handmade ice-cream in flagship stores or monobrand shops.


Brooklyn automatic vending machines

Iarp’s refrigeration expertise is also the hallmark feature of its vending machines: the range includes its standout automatic vending machine designed specifically for ice-cream, with the emphasis firmly on environmental sustainability and energy savings.


Glee refrigerated vertical plug-in display cases

Iarp supplies vertical positive and negative refrigerated plug-in display cases, designed for restaurants, bars and catering businesses. With their combination of all the most efficient refrigeration technologies, they feature a modern, customisable design.

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