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Insights and trends from the Food & Beverage sector

Epta Blog dedicated to the Food & Beverage sector: news and trends on refrigerated display cases and cabinets to increase impulse purchases

Discover how to increase purchases by buying refrigerated plug-in display cases that ensure a perfect display of the product. On Epta’s blog you can find out more about the world of Food & Beverage. Read the articles and learn more about:

  • Energy saving
  • Visual merchandising
  • Encouraging impulse purchases
  • Improving your clients’ Shopping Experience

Download all the insights and write to us for more information.

The Epta team is at your disposal for any request. Indeed, thanks to the competence of its specialised brands, Epta can support the professionals of the Food & Beverage sector with refrigerated plug-in cabinets characterized by natural refrigerants and a high level of customization and technology. 

customized refrigerated display cabinets | epta and iarp


31 Mar 2022

Epta: customized ideas for your business

hidden costs and energy efficiency of iarp refrigerated pluyg-ins


25 Mar 2022

Hidden costs and improved efficiency of refrigerated plug-ins

plug-in assistance | epta after sales service eptaservice


22 Mar 2022

The 3 advantages of assistance services for plug-ins

optimisation visual merchandising | iarp refrigerated display cabinets


10 Mar 2022

Recommendations for optimizing display areas: less inefficiency, more profitability

Commercial refrigeration and plug-ins: energy consumption and pollution


01 Mar 2022

Plug-in: focus on energy consumption and pollution

custom design refrigerated cabinets for ice cream epta iarp


28 Feb 2022

Increasing sales thanks to plug-ins in the store’s strategic points: IARP case history

refrigerated display cabinets plug-in iarp epta


15 Feb 2022

Plug-in digitization: IARP case history on the advantages of the online world in physical spaces

stampa digitale su lamiera


10 Feb 2022

Custom refrigeration: IARP and digital printing on sheet metal

visual merchandising in food and beverage refrigerated cabinets


05 Feb 2022

Visual merchandising mistakes brand managers should always avoid

Sustainable and customizable refrigerated display cabinet


01 Feb 2022

Characteristics of an excellent plug-in refrigeration system