Complete commercial refrigeration solutions for Retail distribution 

The Retail market is evolving at a fast rate: increasing new demands and technological trends, changes in consumer habits and strict international regulations all play a part in the current market scenario.

Epta is a partner of reference and works with Retailers to tackle these changes head on. It has developed professional refrigerated display cases and cabinets with a customised, innovative design that offers an unparalleled Customer Experience in any type of shop – from mini-markets to maxi stores –whilst also harnessing opportunities provided by the latest digital frontiers and respecting sustainability.

Segments served in Retail sector

Supermarkets and hypermarkets

Epta’s range includes product and service solutions for retailers outfitting medium and large supermarkets: from planning the layout to designing the refrigeration system, down to producing refrigerated cabinets for all goods categories, whether fresh or frozen, including customised refrigerated display cases and cabinets.

Proximity stores

The Epta Group offers specific product ranges for neighbourhood stores in need of compact food cabinets which are sleek, high-performing and with a low environmental impact.

Discount stores

Price, quality and innovation are the key elements of this type of distribution. And Epta has a specific product range for discount stores, placing the emphasis on commercial refrigeration solutions that are highly efficient and reliable.

Specialist shops

Delis, butchers, patisseries, fishmongers and specialist shop-in-shops: each has its own particular needs. Epta works with specialists to offer complete, high-quality solutions and optimised technologies which are tailored for different goods categories.

Solutions for food ecommerce refrigeration

Digitalization has radically changed the sociology of consumer habits, and plays an increasingly important role in Food Retail. Epta incorporates ecommerce for food products by combining innovative product solutions to help consumers when shopping, even online.

Petrol stations

Epta offers solutions and equipment that meets all display requirements, including those of petrol stations: small premises and a large variety of goods, without foregoing design and energy efficiency.

Types of refrigerated and refrigeration equipment specific for the Retail market

Find out more about the specific product categories in the Retail range


Serve-over refrigerated cabinets

Refrigerated cabinets for retailing fresh meat, fish, deli foods and patisserie products, whether self-service or serve-over.


Vertical and semi-vertical positive cabinets for fresh foods

Designed for fresh packaged food, they feature efficient performance and high visibility for products displayed.


Vertical and semi-vertical negative cabinets and chest freezers for frozen foods

Designed to offer the best visibility and preservation of frozen foods whilst guaranteeing low energy consumption


Integral built-in refrigerated cabinets

Cabinets predisposed for channelling with on-board refrigeration unit, combining performance and flexibility in one


Retail plug-in cabinets

Offering flexible positioning thanks to the onboard motor, designed to stimulate impulse buys.


Customised refrigerated equipment

In order to meet the very latest trends in Retail, Epta offers special customised professional refrigerated equipment made to suit specific requirements.


Refrigeration units, packs and systems

Refrigeration units of low, medium and high-power which incorporate cutting-edge sustainable technology and systems designed specifically to meet all your energy requirements


Commercial cold rooms

Commercial modular cold rooms with panels of varying thicknesses, a selection of condensing units and a large variety of doors, floors and accessories

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