Cold rooms for commercial and industrial refrigeration designed for Ho.Re.Ca, Retail and Food Processing

Epta brand MisaMisa was first founded in 1969 in Rome. The brand specialises in producing cold rooms for commercial and industrial refrigeration. It was bought by Epta in 2011, enabling the Group to expand its range and generate new opportunities in the Ho.Re.Ca. and Food processing sector.

Misa is a byword for reliability, thanks to extensive experience garnered as a pioneer in its field, and for modernity, as a result of the innovative technologies and patents it harnesses. Together they enable Misa to craft systems whose reputation is a guarantee for unparalleled performance. Tradition and technology, combined with unique expertise, work side by side to offer the market a truly outstanding product.

Markets served by Misa

Industrial cold rooms for Food Processing

Retail sector

Ho.Re.Ca. channel

MISA products highlights


Refrigerated mini cold rooms

Misa offers refrigerated mini cold rooms for small stores, hotels and restaurants. Measuring from 3 to 16 m3, they include panels, corner units, floor, roof, doors, lighting kit and a built-in refrigeration system.


Industrial cold rooms for Food Processing

Misa supplies industrial panels in a variety of thicknesses, finishes, coverings and accessories. They adapt to every setting and can be combined to achieve modular industrial cold rooms, tailored both in size and characteristics.


Cold rooms for commercial refrigeration

Misa supplies coldrooms for commercial refrigeration needs; our products preserve foods for retailing, and the exclusive technologies and patents used ensure they are standout products in their market.

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