Complete refrigeration systems for the food industry 

The industrial food production market calls for refrigeration solutions that are tailored to specific needs. These include laboratories that use salt-based materials, premises used for processing and preserving dairy products, and areas used for processing and storing fish products.

Epta offers sustainable refrigeration solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of the food industry, ensuring foods are perfectly preserved and protected in compliance with international regulations.

Production and logistics in the food industry

Food production & Logistics

The multinational Epta Group offers products that meet the preservation and storage needs of companies in the food processing industry.

Types of refrigerated equipment for the food industry

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Refrigerating systems with natural refrigerants

Thanks to its specialist brands, the Group supplies plug-in or remote systems cooled with a natural refrigerant suitable for every need


Maxi cold rooms for food storage

With its Misa brand, the Group supplies adaptable industrial panels of varying thicknesses, finishes, coverings and accessories that can be combined to make maxi cold rooms created to fit the required size and characteristics for storing food.

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