The commitment of #EptaPeople takes form in a variety of tasks

Working at Epta means designing and producing complete refrigeration systems. It means conceiving, marketing and installing them and providing aftersales services; yet it is also about supplying the tools and support needed to ensure all these activities are carried out effectively and efficiently in all the Group’s premises.

Excellence is a goal which guides the actions of all those playing an active part in the Epta multinational Group. To do so, #EptaPeople are inspired by the values that underpin the company, and a clear Leadership model which serves as a reference point for every employee.

The Group’s values, uniqueness and its goals



Epta encourages its people to promote and enhance the aptitudes listed above; they are strengths the Group seeks in its people right from recruitment, creating a dynamic and fertile workplace which allows them to express themselves to best effect.



The Group’s values are the cornerstones of the entire organisation: inspired by founder Luigi Nocivelli, they continue to motivate the Group’s employees to this day.

Health and safety in the workplace

It is vital to promote a culture of safety across every working situation in an industrial and multinational Group such as Epta, including workplace safety in production plants, worksites, offices and smart working.

Epta multinational Group is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees. To do so it uses specific tasks and awareness-raising programmes such as “Epta For Safety”, a prevention campaign for production plants which aims to inform and raise awareness of people concerning risks linked to their work tasks, giving them training on safety and best practices at work to be adopted for prevention purposes.

Diversity & inclusion: valorisation and inclusion to generate value

Diversity and inclusion

Epta is a multinational Group which started out life as an Italian enterprise; its workers represent every gender, age group, and sixty-plus nationalities.

Enhancing diversity and promoting inclusion are aspects that are acquiring increasing importance for the Group, which promotes an ever-greater variety of gender, seniority, age, culture, nationality and religion. Epta’s ambition is to valorise these differences, drawing on the concept that hitherto unknown ideas and principles can generate value when brought together.

Learning & development: training and development of professional skills

Training and development of people are vital for achieving excellence in our work every day.

Epta offers training and development courses for all its employees: in 2020, it delivered almost 40,000 hours of training throughout the world of Epta, thanks to a varied portfolio of activities.

Many of these activities are delivered by employees themselves acting as internal trainers: this makes it easier and more effective to share knowledge, thanks to the added value only trainers from within the Group can offer.

Training courses for Epta employees

Epta School of Operations

A training programme designed to strengthen expertise and specific professional skills of the Operations department

Epta School of Sales

A training project for enhancing specific expertise of the Sales department


Pocket MBA for middle and top management designed and delivered with the contribution of the SDA Bocconi School of Management

Epta UK CO2 Training Centre

Thanks to its experience in the field, Epta UK delivers training courses to professionals within the Group and external specialists in the field on the use of CO2. The low environmental impact of this natural refrigerant is encouraging take-up the world over, and accordingly generates the need for specialist expertise and skills.

Joint ventures with schools and universities

Commercial Excellence Lab, SDA Bocconi

Italy’s only centre of knowledge focused on commercial excellence, the result of a joint venture between the academic world and businesses, and an Epta partner since 2021

LUISS Business School

One of the top 150 international managerial schools, it is Epta’s partner for creating a Hub in Belluno that showcases talent and professionals in the area

ESTIA Training Institute

An international engineering training institute based in France which collaborates with the Group to deliver specific training courses

SDA Bocconi School of Management

Top-flight international business school based in Milan, and Epta’s partner in creating its pocket MBA and specific training programmes