EptaService: a trusted partner

search 27 Dec 2021


A service available in the whole territory – to your advantage!

What does your company mean with “good service”? Does it mean that your staff is always nice and available? Or that your employees can answer to any question with competence and offer a complete assistance to your hotel guests? One thing is certain: those who work in service need a wide range of skills and abilities to meet their clients’ needs. This applies as much to relationships with people as to technical matters. So, if you want to purchase a new coldroom, you expect the assistance you are going to receive beforehand to be as competent as the installation – a perfectly legitimate expectation. After all, a coldroom must meet your personal needs and properly work – nothing more, nothing less.


The perfect result thanks to joint planning

This is exactly the service that Epta wants to offer to its clients, and this is why our group has a complete staff of service technicians, trained specifically for Misa coldrooms. But the service begins a lot sooner, in the exact moment you need an expert to plan a coldroom that meets your needs and your ideas. This team of designers, builders and installers create a concept just for you – whether it is for a small coldroom or a big refrigerated warehouse. Only when each detail is absolutely perfect does the production of the panels and the accessories for your coldroom begin. And in the end, EptaService delivers to you a tailor-made plant and gives you the keys.


We want you to be satisfied with your coldroom for a very long time

But our assistance does not end here: we offer a complete and trustworthy service during the whole life of your coldroom. This is why EptaService is at your side even after the purchase. Was the floor of your coldroom damaged? Did some tiles break? Is there a defective shelf that needs to be replaced? No problem: the EptaService team will handle all of these reparations. Moreover, Epta recommends a regular maintenance, so that you can safely store the food inside your coldroom. A technician will verify that your coldroom is in good conditions and that the refrigeration plant is working properly. In this way, defective parts can be detected early, even before the cooling system fails. This extends the service life of your coldroom and also reduces electricity costs.


Quick assistance

If during a hot summer your coldroom reaches its limit and fails, you can benefit from Epta's comprehensive service network. All it takes is one phone call to the 24-hour service centre, and you will immediately receive help from a specialist who will be at your site as soon as possible. The big advantage for you: they know your coldroom inside out and can solve the problem quickly. If you also need spare parts that they do not have in their vehicle, they can use the Epta Group's central warehouse. In this way, spare parts arrive quickly where they are needed. At the end of the day, your losses should be kept as low as possible.


If you are still not convinced: many international companies in the Food & Beverage and the large-scale retail sectors have been relying for years on Misa coldrooms and the complete assistance of EptaService.