How to easily protect your coldroom from bacteria

search 01 Dec 2021


In Italy, strict controls are carried out to ensure compliance with hygiene standards. This is to prevent the spread of bacteria and, in the worst-case scenario, the spread and consumption of spoiled food, which could lead to intoxication.

Whether we’re talking about a hotel, a restaurant or a catering service, it’s very important for you to easily make sure that bacteria are not settling and multiplying in your coldroom. The fact that manufacturers continue to develop this kind of technology helps you even further: while coldrooms used to be treated regularly to maintain their hygiene and antibacterial effects, this function is now already integrated in many models.


More time for what is essential

All Misa solutions are treated with the innovative antibacterial system Epta Food Defence. Its antibacterial effect acts as a defensive shield and protects your food from bacteria. Silver ions allow the system to fight and kill the most known and dangerous bacteria. Epta Food Defence actively protects your food and prevents the transmission and spread of dangerous pathogens. Here’s how it works: the antibacterial coating of the sheet metal is made by mixing ion components and creating a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) rigid film, which is phthalates-free and is later placed on a metal support in low-carbon galvanized steel for cold forming. This way, the steel has an antibacterial effect, and it is also resistant to liquids, acids, alcohol and greasy foods. The great advantage for coldroom users is that the Epta Food Defence system is active and permanent 24/7, so it isn’t necessary to regenerate it during the life cycle of the coldroom. This allows to save both time and money – which can obviously be invested elsewhere.


More safety thanks to the HACCP certification

What sets Misa coldrooms apart from other coldrooms on the market is that they are certified according to the HACCP system (Hazard-Analysis-Critical-Control-Points-System). Its goal is to nip bacteria in the bud and ensure constant hygiene in the coldroom. Thanks to this certification, Misa coldrooms are particularly suited for the food industry and catering services.


Thanks to plastic, it doesn’t rust

The excellent Misa panels also contribute to improve the hygiene of the coldroom. They are made of sheet metal coated with non-toxic PVC. This plastic coating makes the panels particularly resistant to scratches, rust and bumps. In addition to that, the panels don’t absorb neither liquids nor odors. This means that they can also be used in the production of milk, cheese and fish products. The panels are stable, resistant and easy to clean. All of this sets them apart from coated panels.