La Pioppa Ovest – make a stop in the future!


If you’re driving along the A14 Bologna-Taranto, when you reach Zola Predosa, have a stopover at the MyChef service station of La Pioppa Ovest. You’ll be surprised at how avant-garde this structure is, inaugurated on 15th March and the first one in Italy to have a single cold chain system, by Costan. The restructuring of La Pioppa Ovest, which includes Carrefour Market, McDonald’s, Briciole bar and the Antica Locanda restaurant, is part of an evolutionary trend in Food & Beverage and Travel Retail towards modern, functional and eco-sustainable service areas.

Unique feature of this eco-station is its centralised refrigeration, enabling consumption to be reduced to a minimum, improving safety and overall system reliability. “The collaboration with Costan has been extremely fruitful in satisfying our requirements and achieving excellent results in terms of efficiency, energy saving and continuity of service.” explained Leopoldo Resta, Marketing Director of MyChef.

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Fewer bacteria, fewer worries thanks to Epta’s new antibacterial treatment


As of today, life is going to be tough for bacteria, thanks to Epta’s new antibacterial treatment for traditional units using silver ions, ideal for improving the quality and healthfulness of products and conserving their organoleptic qualities. Inside the unit the materials of the tub are treated during the extrusion and coating processes, while internal parts are coated with a special paint that exploits the properties of silver ions.The active principle of silver is one of the oldest antiseptics in use, able to block bacteria development. In recent years the development of nanotechnology has made it possible to apply this principle to these specific solutions.This treatment underlines Epta’s continuing commitment to constant improvement for safe and quality refrigeration.

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“Eurocryor Summer Time” at Cibus 2012


Once again this year, Eurocryor has made it a real question of taste! Absolute protagonists, the Summer units of the Classic line inside the Piazza, 600 m2, created by the Italian association of IGT consortia to promote PDO and PGI products. 

An authentic victory over the Food Planet for Eurocryor fittings, which won acclaim at this 16th edition of Cibus, International Food Salon held in Parma from 7th to 10th May. 

At the heart of four large stores, the units played a leading role during the various tasting sessions of oil, cheeses, cold cuts, fruit and vegetables. A winning combination that combines an elegant stylish display with the best of our food heritage, of products of protected origin.

A worthy showcase for the company, considering the success of this event that is a point of reference of the best of Italian food. 2300 exhibitors, 12,00’ buyers and overseas trade operators, 63,000 visitors and about 1000 journalists.

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“A Thousand and One Displays” for Costan, Eurocryor and Misa


Epta brands conquer the Middle East at ArabiaShop, leading international fair, entirely dedicated to the retail world. Impressive numbers for retail malls in this part of the world: a growth rate of 23% from 2006 to 2010 and of 12% from 2010 to 2013, and their surface area went from 6.2 million sqm to 14.3. And this is just the beginning - in 2013 the target forecast is 20 million sqm!

A strategic opportunity for Costan and their avant-garde solutions, for Eurocryor and their sophisticated, tailor-made fittings and for Misa, with their technology at the service of healthy and quality food.

The event was held from 8th to 10th May, with a target of global visitors: 38% came from Saudi Arabia, 30% from the Arab Emirates, 22% from other countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the remaining 10% divided among Egypt, India, Turkey and Europe.

“We decided to take part in ArabiaShop because, with over 50 shopping centres, Dubai is a market of prime importance in our sector, able to generate significant economies of scale for resellers based in the Emirates. 54% of international retail brands are present in this area and we certainly couldn’t miss out!” says, with satisfaction, Luca Lastella, International Sales Director of the Group.

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A starring role for Innovation Center, on the occasion of the 29th National Congress of the Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerationdedicated to the monitoring of the Machines and the air Conditioning System.

An unmissable opportunity, where Francesco Scuderi had affirmed the excellence of Epta with the project: “Optimization and Control of the energy performances in a supermarket.” which was the only to be released on the AICARR Journal.

This research project was developed for demonstrate how it’s possible to reach a significant energy savings in a point of sale, thanks to the development of forecasting and monitoring tools.

It was an important recognition, that gave a prize to Epta for the ongoing commitment in the development of new technologies for the energy saving.

This recognition is evidence also of the involvement at the Gustav Lorentzen Conference in Deft, from 25 to 27 of June.

The Gustav Lorentzen Conference is one of the major international appointments dedicated to the world of natural refrigerants and their use in the fields of air- conditioning, the industrial and domestic refrigeration, when the company has excelled for two researches, submitted by Daniele Mazzola and Claudio Ferrandi, about the possibility of use of carbon dioxide in geographic zones characterized by warmer climates.

This is an important result in an industrialized field, where the consumptions of the supermarkets are the 3-5% of the total consumption of energy.

The European Council had stressed the need to reduce the 20% of the energy consumption of the EU by the 2020.

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