The award ceremony of the “Grands Prix du Froid”, an event entirely dedicated to the world of refrigeration, was held in Paris on 23rd October. At the ceremony, Bonnet Névé, together with CEF Nord, was awarded the prize for: “Best innovation for concept and application”, for the first installation in France of an all-Co2 refrigeration system, at Carrefour Market in Beaurains Les Arras.

At the heart of the installation is the Eptagreen CO2 system, specially customised for the Leading Name in Large-scale Distribution in Europe. The result is a totally eco-friendly sales point!

R744 gas (CO2) is able to combine reduced environmental impact with efficiency. And the units selected for the store have covers and double-glazing, for a further reduction – between 40% and 50% - in energy consumption.

“We are honoured to receive this award, which is important recognition of our commitment to finding state-of-the-art solutions for promoting sustainable development”, commented Ramon Sanchez, Marketing Director Major Accounts Bonnet Névé and Julien Bellet, Customer Service Director Epta France They added «We are sure that this project will become a model of efficiency for future interventions, especially considering the new directives regarding the use of synthetic gases”.

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New HACCP certification for Misa


More success for Misa, which obtained HACCP based Food Safety Programme certification for their K1 Series commercial cold rooms.

A prestigious acquisition for the Epta group’s new entry, confirming that its products are designed, produced and installed in perfect conformity to the evaluation standards of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) method, applied to all activities that, directly or indirectly, have implications for food safety.

And the end of a long process of verification and control, voluntarily requested by Misa, as a project in line with the Quality & Technology values underpinning the new Eptology vision of the Group and all corporate decisions.

“A certificate of immeasurable value for the sector we operate in – affirmed Simone Salani R&D and Quality Manager of Misa – which is witness to the company’s constant commitment to researching and developing technical solutions that add value to their client’s business and guarantee the maximum quality standards as far as food hygiene and conservation are concerned”.

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On 20th September 2012 George Barker hosted in its Bradford facility the annual meeting of SIRAC (Sustainable Innovation in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning). This is a section of the Institute of Refrigeration with the aims of:

·         Providing a forum for the exchange of information between academia and industry

·         Providing information on the funding of new technology and research

·         Disseminating information about current research programmes at universities and in industry

·         Organising an events programme for members

·         Updating a website of current research

This key event focussed on the potential of CO2 in commercial refrigeration and on the latest developments in cabinet design and construction.

John Austin-Davies’ introduction was followed by presentations from Jon Sheehan, Epta Technical Manager, on CO2 as a natural refrigerant and from Dan Bibalou, of London South Bank University, who described the advantages of the circular economy and its impact on the refrigeration sector.

  A prestigious gathering and a chance to discuss and exchange ideas around the theme of – once again – sustainable innovation.

John Austin-Davies commented, “This was an excellent opportunity for Epta to show some very highly respected people in the Industry, the capability of George Barker in the UK, and Epta Group internationally.”

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Innotrans, the international biennial trade fair, point of reference for rail and road transport, was held in Berlin from 18th to 21st September. Among the stars of this ninth edition, entitled “The Future of Mobility”, were Misa’s shelters. These pre-assembled technical shells contain and protect electronic equipment for managing high-speed train "signalling", and for implementing radio links for the exchange of information and data.

Patented as MVS (Misa Vacuum System), this innovation is of key importance on the rail transport scene. They are ideal for all applications where high insulating capacity, strong mechanical resistance of the structure, flexibility of use and of installation are required. Visitors to the event included public and private transport companies from all over the world, suppliers, construction companies, geologists, engineers and researchers. A success for this Epta Group brand, given that Innotrans attracted over 220 exhibitors, leaders on the international market, and presented to the world about one hundred technological innovations.

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ATMOsphere Europe 2012


5 - 7 November - Brussels, Crowne Plaza Le Palace Hotel

NATURAL REFRIGERANTS - SOLUTIONS FOR EUROPE: Already in its fourth year, this interactive workshop and conference on Natural Refrigerants (CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons, water, air) will be organised in Brussels from Tuesday to Wednesday, 6-7 November, with a pre-event on 5 November. This year the emphasis will be on case studies, experiences, and discussions - meaning solutions - to how natural refrigerants can be viable alternatives to f-gases across Europe.

A main topic of this year's ATMOsphere Europe will therefore be the new F-Gas Regulation that the European Commission intends to present shortly before the event. This proposal will have a significant influence on the future of natural refrigerants in Europe and the 200+ key policy and industry experts attending will have the opportunity to discuss it and give their input directly to the European Commission and Parliament representatives.

Epta will be present at the event, from from 5th of Novembre to the 7th.

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