Grands Prix du Froid: Best Innovation!


23rd of October - Bonnet Névé, with the partnership of CEF NORD, has won the Grands Prix du Froid for the Best Innovation in Concept and Solutions. Bonnet Névé and the Epta group have conquered this award for the development and installation of the CO2 transcrical pack and the low-energy cabinets installation (verticals cabinets with double glass doors) in the store Carrefour Market Beaurrain les Arras.

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At Kanguro store in Belluno, EPTA installs ECO2-Small – a new refrigeration system - totally natural


26th October 2012: Opening of the innovative, totally green Kanguro supermarket in Belluno! This project, first of its kind in Italy, was developed by Costan, an Epta Group brand, and it’s a transcritical all-CO2 refrigeration system, covering both positive temperature units and the frozen food section, designed for a proximity store.

A project inspired by environmental sustainability, prime interest of this client, who has chosen for the approximately 1500 m2 store a total  natural refrigeration technology, now possible also for countries like Italy with its Mediterranean and therefore relatively hot climate.Heart of the system is ECO2-small, Epta’s Full Booster CO2, running on MT and LT carbon dioxide, with optimised control of transcritical functioning (summer). Exclusively available in a plug-in all-in-one version, which means complete with power panel for monitoring and control of CO2 refrigeration circuit.

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