Epta strengthens Customer Care Service in the UK


Epta is delighted to announce that its National call centre for the UK has been fully operational since March 2nd at the Ringwood offices in the South of England.  A unified call centre dedicated to all UK clients has been created: this investment will ensure greater flexibility and faster service reaction.
In order to be able to always offer the best customer service, the new centre has been planned and is run solely by a team of highly qualified Epta engineers, all of them refrigeration experts.

Gennaro Gentile – Epta After Sales Director commented: “The new Ringwood call centre is for us a major step in the direction of ever higher client satisfaction. We are very proud of the outcome: the team of Epta experts deployed is capable of offering the right solution with the utmost efficiency.”

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Costan's Limana manufacturing site, in the Province of Belluno, Italy, has received ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Integrated certification from the independent agency TÜV Austria Cert GmbH. This demonstrates the company's dilligence in tenaciously pursuing quality excellence, respect for the environment and for the community, while ensuring the highest levels of occupational health and safety.

The outstanding results of "Progetto Infortuni 0" – Zero Accidents Project – bear witness to this: 80% decrease in the rate of accidents per hour worked in 5 years (13 accidents vs. 80 per 1,000,000 hours) and a remarkable reduction in injury severity. Regarding environmental matters, the use of new green technology and more careful management of scrap material has made it possible to reclaim 90% of the waste produced in the factory. Finally, the Limana site has also achieved major performance improvements in resource conservation: energy and water consumption per cabinet produced have dropped by 30 %.

Massimo Sommacal, Director at Costan's Limana plant expresses satisfaction: “We are proud to announce that we have achieved Integrated Certification for our Quality, Environmental and Occupational Safety Management Systems. This shows our strong commitment to protect the land and our steady consideration for the well-being of our people. We are thankful to all our co-workers, whose contribution and active involvement in all stages of the manufacturing process is crucial for achieving continued improvement and innovation.”


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iMeat 2015: innovation in the butcher's shop with Eurocryor, Costan and Misa


From March 15th through 16th, Epta, with its brands Eurocryor, Costan and Misa, will hold a leading role at iMeat. This event, dedicated to the key players in the meat industry, is once again an opportunity to develop the growing importance of the butcher's shop and especially of the butcher, who is increasingly regarded as the professional who guarantees the origin and qualitty of food.

With the aim of maximizing the sale of these highly profitable and highly perishable foods, Eurocryor will present the Dynamic System. This innovative technology makes it possible to capture the consumer's attention with very unique displays that highlight the freshness and quality of the cuts so skillfully prepared by the masters of the craft. The central advantage provided by this system is superior food preservation. Dynamic system makes it possible to keep meat in the cabinet for several days without the need to move to a cold room overnight and with no loss of the products organoleptic and aesthetic qualities

Visual aspects are the first driver leading the consumer to purchase: for this reason Costan will be presenting GranVista at the event. This revolutionary total-glass multideck with full height doors and led lighting offers the perfect visibility of products needed to guide the consumer to his/her purchase.

This two-day event will also be an important showcase for Misa. Always synonymous with top hygiene and excellent product preservation, Misa will be there with one of its mini cold rooms.

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Epta was awarded a special mention for the RevUP Family by Costan and Bonnet Névé for the prestigious German Design Award 2016, organized by the German Design Council, today in its fifth edition. A jury composed of a pool of experts, coming from all over the world, has nominated the winners of the single categories, who will receive the coveted honour the 12 February in Frankfurt, during the Ambiente 2016 international fair.

The German Design Council, which is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year, is a foundation with more than 200 members, including Designers, Associations and Institutions; it considers design a key factor in business development and communicates added value through exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications, in Germany and worldwide. One of the main objectives of this exclusive centre of expertise is to identify, represent and award excellence in design that stands out for its originality and aesthetic refinement: for this reason, in 2012 the German Design Award was established and has become one of the best-known and appreciated competitions in the world.

More specifically, Epta was awarded the Retail Category prize for its RevUP line of cabinets, which is capable of furnishing an entire sales outlet with a single family of products. The RevUP Technology was designed to revolutionize the latest display concepts in order to strengthen the Retailers’ business, creating a new image of the Cold segment in the consumer’s mind, with an eye to visibility, comfort, energy savings and a completely new look. Finally, the new line is the ultimate expression of “The Epta Way UP: preserving food value” concept, by which Epta is committed to ensure perfect food preservation and display, promoting its value and safety.


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Rendez-vous in Sirha 2015 with Epta Pro and Iarp


With their brands Epta and the EptaPro specialists, Epta will hold a lead role at Sirha, the most important international event for the food service and hospitality industry, scheduled for January 24th through 28th in Lyon, France (Hall 5, Stand 5D61).

This trade fair will be the opportunity for EptaPro to present exclusive offers aimed at refrigeration specialists, who will be able to have a hands-on experience with the Group’s solutions.An unmissable opportunity for Iarp too: this event will showcase Iarp’s new plug-in solutions devised for the Horeca business, products that stand out with their stylish design and unparalleled quality.

With in excess of 3000 exhibitors from 31 countries across all 5 continents, 54 pavilions and an exhibition area of 130.000 m², Sirha’s 31st edition remains a key event for the entire Horeca world, where tomorrow’s trends are unveiled.

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Epta Group is awarded the Janus de L’Industrie for the second year


2015 opens with one more success for Epta who have been awarded the prestigious Janus de L’Industrie for the second year in a row. This award honours products for their innovational design and the tangible benefits they create for end users.

In 2014 Epta amazed the jury with RevUP, the revolutionary technology applied to the cabinets GranVista Costan and SkyView Bonnet Névé and this year’s leading role goes to Impact, a new refrigerated display solution devised by Eurocryor and Epta Concept. Impact won the jury’s appreciation because of its compliance with the renowned "5 E’s" (economy, ergonomics, aesthetics, ethic and emotion), i.e. the criteria established by the jury members.

Impact is the result of close collaboration between Epta and Carrefour for the development of an unprecedented solution, capable of integrating the self-serve presentation of pre-packed perishable foods with the serve-over display of highly perishable items in one equipment possessing high aesthetic qualities and meeting the requirements of functional design.

In this respect, highly developed ergonomics is a further strength of the Impact cabinet: with cabinet height at approximately 1,30m, operator re-stocking tasks are streamlined and also consumer access is made easier.

As Christian Le Gousse, General Manager at Epta France puts it: “Having received the exclusive Janus award for the second time has made us very proud. This bears witness to Epta’s effort to create cutting-edge solutions combining a sophisticated contemporary design with highest environmental sustainability and ease of use.”

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Epta has actively partnered up with Federazione Anima, who will be present at the Italian Pavilion of Expo2015 through Confindustria's Special Project (the Italian Industrialists' Federation). This partnership is developed through three important actions aimed at promoting the Italian industry world-wide.

In the first place, the Group has contributed to the set-up of FabFood, la fabbrica del gusto italiano (the Italian flavour factory), an exhibit devoted to sustainable industrial food curated by the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci of Milan, that Confindustria, the General Confederation of Italian Industry, will host at Expo 2015 in Palazzo Italia.

This ten-stage journey full of exciting games and activities will be a unique experience for visitors, who will be guided to discover, explore and experience every aspect of the agri-food chain. Sounds, colours and images will assist the guests in each area of the exhibition to reflect on the global challenges of food safety & security.

Moreover, Federazione Anima shares a communication space with Epta in their new website dedicated to the Universal Exposition. This prestigious showcase will enhance the Group's brand image through content and videos; among these, the interview with William Pagani, Group Marketing Director, stands out. In this video he introduces the company and spotlights the focus of “The Epta Way Up: preserving Food Value”, the concept underlying the innovations promoted by Epta.

Lastly, a videoclip was shot in co-operation with Rai (Radio Televisione Italiana), which illustrates the highlights of Italian technology. Through the Costan brand, Epta unfolds its leading role with the equipment installed at the Italmarkt stores of Brescia and Conad of Bagnolo Mella (Province of Brescia), among which the new GranVista cabinets of the RevUP Family are noteworthy. This video, translated into eight languages, may be viewed on Rai's web channel and social media throughout the entire length of the exposition.

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Epta to sponsor Retail Energy 2015: design has never been this green


Epta welcomes you to the third edition of Retail Energy, a one-day event organised by the International Research Institute, to be held on May 27th at Atahotels Expofiera in Milan, Italy. This event will focus on energy conservation and the design of retail store layouts. It will be an unmissable opportunity for engineering departments, energy managers and decision makers in the Retail & Food industry to compare notes.
Epta will make two contributions, one on Refrigeration & Climate Control, the other on Retail outlet layout. For the first Maurizio Orlandi, Epta Innovation Centre Manager will join the workshop dedicated to food refrigeration systems and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning). Then William Pagani, Group Marketing Director and Giorgio De Ponti, Designer at Epta Innovation Centre will exemplify “How to confront the challenges of in-store display" providing insight into one of the Group's success cases, Impact: this award-winning cabinet, which received the Janus de L’industrie 2014 in France, combines the sophistication of a contemporary style with top environmental sustainability and ease of use.

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Epta collaborates with Masterchef: Epta’s Costan, Eurocryor and Misa brands in the cooking talent show spotlight


Costan, Eurocryor and Misa hold a leading role in the fourth season of MasterChef Italia. This strategic partnership combines technological and culinary excellence, to support the quality of the dishes created by the aspiring chefs.       

This show is all about creating cooking masterpieces using recipes that only the most expert cooks can tackle, now sustained by the best food preservation solutions offered by Costan, Eurocryor and Misa.

Costan, always synonymous with top quality and efficient solutions, is a real star just like the chefs, because of its numerous certifications, especially Eurovent.  
Style, design and display versatility are, on the other hand, features that single out Eurocryor and its range of serve-over refrigerated counters. These are modern and stylish cabinets incorporating innovative technology.
In turn Misa guarantees the quality of ingredients while preserving their organoleptic properties, therefore not only the aesthetics of form but also perfect efficiency. A star in the HoReCa business, Misa specialises in the production of commercial cold rooms and has earned a reputation synonymous with food safety.

“This partnership with MasterChef Italia makes us even prouder of our solutions. Highest quality and display elegance are for us essential assets, factors that rank us among the most important actors in Commercial Refrigeration for the Retail and Ho.re.Ca industries worldwide. Excellence in excellence: this is what true technology is about, to serve the great Italian art of cooking”, in the words of William Pagani, International Sales & Marketing Director at Epta.

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The installation of an EptaBlue system and Costan-branded refrigerated cabinets  Lion, Rossini RDA, Elephant and Galileo, has recently been completed in the Despar store at Via Montello 44,  Treviso, Italy. It is a neighbourhood supermarket covering 400 m², perfect for the daily purchase of fresh and super fresh groceries, in an atmosphere that recalls the typical shops of old.

The DESPAR consortium has a continuously expanding sales area of 775,000 m² in Italy and a retail turnover of 3.5 billion Euros. Its main focus is on guaranteeing top product quality, thereby proactively contributing to the development and protection of the region, along with its environment. Respect for these values encouraged Despar Italy to choose Costan as its partner for the purposes of restyling the Treviso store.

To meet the requirements of the client for a system working on water-condensation and suitable for small stores to replace the existing equipment, Costan decided to supply EptaBlue Waterloop: a system that converts any cabinet from remote refrigeration to plug-in, easy to install thanks to plug&play connections and a closed water circuit. The major plusses of this solution are: a reduction in energy consumption of up to 25%, increased refrigeration efficiency, a 40% improvement in TEWI and a 75% reduction in the refrigerant gas charge and water consumption, with a ROI of 8 months. Lastly, Despar also opted for Epta remote surveillance service, available 24/7 and for the relevant cabinet maintenance service, which guarantees superior service continuity over time.

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