Italy is fighting an unprecedented health emergency, with a twofold objective: to contain, on the one hand, the spread of the infection and, on the other, the economic impact. In this context, many companies have taken action to support the worst-affected areas. These include Epta, represented by the Nocivelli and Triglio Godino families, which has stepped up ready to do its part, driven by a great sense of responsibility and recognition in respect of the territories in which its factories are operating.

From Limana (BL) to Solesino (PD), historic locations of the Costan and Eurocryor brands, and from Casale Monferrato (AL) to Pomezia (RM), historic locations of the Iarp and Misa brands, the Group has wanted to give a concrete and tangible sign of its presence, choosing to donate a total of over 1 million Euro to respond to the emergency with targeted initiatives. A true and proper solidarity relay, which has seen more than 50% of the amount go to local communities: €200,000 have been donated to ULSS (Local Health and social care services) 1 Dolomites, €100,000 to ULSS (Local Health and social care services) 6 Euganea, €200,000 to the City of Casale Monferrato and, finally, €100,000 to the City of Pomezia.

A further contribution of €500,000 has been allocated to fundraising for the San Raffaele Hospital of Milan, started by Anima Confindustria Meccanica, of which Marco Nocivelli, President and CEO of Epta is President. A concrete and meaningful gesture, aimed at triplicating the intensive care units, equipping the hospital with an additional tensile structure that will host intensive care beds with all the assisted respiration and monitoring systems and, in the medium-long term, to support the study of a vaccine. The San Raffaele was chosen because it is one of the most brilliant examples of international scientific research.

Many difficult situations are emerging and local and regional authorities are trying to tackle them in the best possible way, deploying all the means at their disposal. But resources are not enough.” Marco Nocivelli President and CEO of Epta intervenes and continues, “That is why we have decided, driven by a strong sense of responsibility, to offer our support to all these places where Epta is present. A sign of the Company’s willingness to return what it has received to the territory and maintain a strong connection with its roots, expressing our gratitude and making our closeness felt.”

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The adoption of technologies and new shopping tools, made available through digital connectivity is growing steadily. The consumers are increasingly in search of innovative solutions to make purchases safely and easily, minimising travel and queues. A concept that is now, more than ever, strengthened by the restriction obligations that are encouraging its rapid spread. The current situation is also leading to the emergence and affirmation of alternative solutions, to serve users. In this context, a concept worthy of note is that devised by the Italian start-up FrescoFrigo (, which has made its service healthy food close to you available for offices and gyms, realised with Iarp cabinets, in the first condominium supermarket.

Supported by Epta technology, FrescoFrigo installs Iarp branded refrigerated cabinets dedicated to the 24-hour automatic sale of fresh and healthy food at the entrance to housing complexes. Consumers can view the products and, through an App on their smartphone, open the fridge to buy and pay for general foodstuffs that range from ready-made dishes to smoothies, from fruit and vegetables to cured meats and cheeses, from basic ingredients such as eggs, milk, flour and bread to beverages, without having to leave their building. The new Iarp intelligent cabinets used by FrescoFrigo, designed to facilitate consumers in doing their shopping and to contribute to differentiating the possibilities of making purchases, can be installed anywhere by simply plugging them in.

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The Click & Collect solution is a trend that is increasingly becoming part of purchasing habits, bound to bring changes in the future of Retail and, at this time, we are witnessing its significant growth. In Italy, for example, where it was still relatively unknown, it rose around 9% of total online sales ( while in a market like France in which the Drive is consolidated, it accounted for 7% of the total sales in week 10 (

It presents itself like a smart, safe and easy to use shopping solution, minimising waiting times, all key elements for respecting the restriction obligations imposed by the current situation.

To respond to new consumer demands, Epta works alongside Large-Scale retail operators in the current change by promoting the refrigerated cabinets, #EPTABricks, for the Click & Collect solution. Practical and easy to use, #EPTABricks enable Customers to pick up food and non-food products 24 hrs a day ordered on the Retailer’s website. Designed to ensure highest flexibility, they are available in the Indoor and Outdoor version and are composed of temperature-controlled modules. The #EPTAdryBricks are intended for dry foods, #EPTAfreshBricks and #EPTAfrozenBricks guarantee the conservation of fresh and frozen products.

#EPTABricks can be positioned anywhere and are particularly suitable for installation inside residential districts and prospectively, along the home-work route, inside or close to large Companies, close to stores or to petrol stations. Thus, they allow to take full advantage of strategic areas where a new type of demanding consumer is moving, in search of a fast shopping solution, during short daily trips. #EPTABricks is a solution that combines convenience and sustainability, eliminates home delivery and ensures an efficient management of the last mile and a reduction of the carbon footprint, including by virtue of the use of the refrigerant propane R290. They also contribute to simplifying sales, thanks to the ease in handling online orders through a system that connects to the Retailer’s e-commerce platform. In France, where the #EPTABricks are already widespread and adopted by several major Retailers, such as Leclerc, Intermarchè, Casino, Carrefour and SuperU, the results are evident and recording up to +300% of orders (The figures refer to the total orders recorded for week 14 of this year) compared to 2019

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EuroShop 2020 has drawn to a close, and Epta is now taking stock of its stimulating experience at the trade fair. Our slow-motion analysis of each of the action-packed days at the fair shows there are lessons to be learned from the event, and successes to be celebrated. Now the future strategy and operational plan can be mapped out.  

The star of the Epta stand was The Epta System, a winning combination of products, services, technologies, ideas and people designed to accompany Retailers through their #storevolution. The system helps make stores even more attractive, efficient and sustainable, whilst transforming them into consumer destinations in their own right.

The Conference Arena proved a major draw. Designed specifically to offer insight into the first major goals achieved in the three-year Life-C4R project (developed by Epta and co-funded by the EU), it also placed environmental topics under the spotlight, and provided first-hand testimonies. In a meeting place designed to give visitors more information, each day saw international speakers alternate with big names from the sector. The Conference Arena also provided the perfect backdrop for showcasing the expertise of the EptaService and EptaConcept teams, whilst illustrating the Circular Grocerant concept conceived in conjunction with the Pollenzo University of Gastronomic Sciences. Not to mention the original projects submitted by companies and start-ups already looking to the future at the EptaInnoVillage.

I am delighted to be able to thank the Epta team, everyone from sales to marketing, the technical office and our external partners; all those involved worked tirelessly, with commitment and energy, on every single aspect of the organisation. Together they helped ensure that the end result was a resounding success,” commented William Pagani, Group Marketing Director at Epta, concluding that “We must also acknowledge the trust our Clients place in us, as this is the factor that has always driven us to do better.”

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How much does the Retail world actually affect climate change? What technological and regulatory novelties will we see? What will the Store of the future be like? What new technologies are available to operators to make stores more sustainable?

The three-year LIFE C4R project of Epta, co-financed by the EU, was born precisely to raise awareness among the scientific community, the suppliers of components and all the players in the Retail world to use increasingly more efficient solutions and to accelerate the spread of transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems.

Awareness is essential to make sustainable choices” comments Francesco Mastrapasqua, Project Leader Life-C4R Epta, who adds “This is why Epta has organised the Conference Arena at its stand at EuroShop (Hall15, stand C24-C42): a conference area specifically designed to make known the updates on the first important milestones achieved by Life-C4R, and in-depth information on environmental themes and direct testimonies. We have devised a format with short and very authoritative speeches, which are part of a trade-fair context that also leaves room for questions and direct discussion”

A place for meeting and information, sponsored by Life-C4R, in which internationally acclaimed personalities and experts of the sector will alternate each day, with clear, precise and quickly accessed speeches. Worthy of note, for example, are the speeches on the current climate situation of Franziska Menten, Project Coordinator UNIDO and the in-depth information by Öko-Recherche on the new European policies to combat global warming.  

Experts from the Retail world, such as Frédéric Pérodeau, former General manager of IFM will be present and talk about how to realise a “phygital” strategy in the large-scale retail trade. Cristina Lazzati, Editor in chief of Mark Up Mark Up, Gdoweek, Fresh Point Magazine, Italian Food Excellence, will reflect on the role of Italy in Retail.

The Conference Arena will also be a showcase of excellence to illustrate the expertise of the EptaService and EptaConcept teams and proposes original and creative projects developed by companies and start-ups, already projected into the future, hosted within the EptaInnoVillage. An original but tangible way, to offer new business inspiration to Clients and work alongside them in tackling technological and regulatory changes to implement their #storerevolution.

An example of this is the Circular Bar & Grocerant: a revolutionary concept, on show at the Epta stand, result of the knowledgeable union between the skills and the creativity of EptaConcept, the scientific approach of the University Of Gastronomic Sciences Of Pollenzo and the collaboration of numerous companies. It is a space developed like a museum that will highlight several refrigeration solutions, recycled and recyclable furnishing materials and products made with a low environmental impact to offer tangible ways to adopt an approach within a circular economy.

Continue to follow us and visit the Epta blog to discover further details and information on all the guests involved:

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Epta nominated for the German Innovation Award, thanks to the FTE system


Epta Deutschland is one of the 22 finalists of the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment (IKU), chosen from another 131 candidate companies, eight research institutes and one governing authority. It is the seventh time that the Federation of German Industries (BDI) and the Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety BMU assign this award, dedicated to products and services that promote climate and environmental protection. The jury, chaired by Professor Ottmar Edenhofer, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, made his evaluations based on scientific criteria. Svenja Schulze, Federal Minister of the Environment, declares “The strong heterogeneity of the applications bears witness to the will and the ability of numerous companies to put their technical and creative potential at the service of environment and climate protection and the conservation of biological diversity.”

Epta was nominated in the “eco-compatible technologies” category with its patented Full Transcritical Efficiency (FTE) system, which contributes to improving the energy efficiency of CO2 powered commercial refrigeration systems, with positive and negative temperature, in any context.

In addition to innovation of process, product and service for climate protection, the other categories of the IKU Innovation Award are: products and services that respect the environment, innovation and biological diversity, digital change as leverage to promote innovations that respect the climate and the environment and the transfer of technologies for climate and environmental protection to Developing Countries, Recently industrialised Countries and Western European Countries.

The award ceremony will take place in Berlin on 26 March 2020.

For further information, visit the website:

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Epta presents its seventh Corporate Social Responsibility Report


“For Epta, creating shared value is a daily commitment which is exhibited along the entire chain, with the ambitious goal of promoting the success of a circular economydeclares Marco Nocivelli, President and CEO of Gruppo Epta and continues, “We are proud to present our seventh Corporate Social Responsibility Report this year. It clearly illustrates the numerous initiatives and tangible activities undertaken by Epta in favour of a development which puts people, local communities and the environment first, allowing us to monitor the progress made and to have a benchmark of comparison with other realities.”

To ensure maximum transparency and objectivity, the Report has been validated by the Institute TÜV Austria Cert GmbH according to the GRI Core Option standards and, in line with the route undertaken in the previous edition, the KPI considered most important by external and internal stakeholders have been investigated. Furthermore, as a family-owned and operated company and not listed in the stock exchange, in this document Epta announced its voluntary adherence to the self-regulation code defined by the Bocconi University and AIDAF (Italian Family Business Association), to ensure best governance within the Group.

Tangible evidence of Epta’s interest in pursuing sustainable corporate development is Life C4R – Carbon for Retail Refrigeration – promoted by the Group and co-financed by the European Union under grant agreement n° LIFE 17 CCM/IT/000120. The Plan, part of the EU LIFE Programme, was launched to raise awareness among the scientific community, the suppliers of components and of all the players of the Retail world in the use of environment friendly systems and to demonstrate that it is possible to fully replace HCFC and HFC refrigerants with transcritical COat any latitude and temperature, guaranteeing 10% energy saving in the refrigeration system (compared to traditional solutions), a significant reduction of consumption and lower installation and maintenance costs by up to 20%. At the heart of the initiative is the FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency patented by Epta, which will be installed within the three Italian pilot projects and the four replica prototypes in Romania and Spain, together with Epta Iberia and DAAS, Societies of the Group.

The challenge met by Epta in promoting sustainability is twofold. On one side, it consists of proposing innovative systems able to merge design, performance and reduced consumption to support Clients in adopting eco-friendly solutions and, on the other, of guaranteeing greater efficiency in its factories. Epta aims at the highest levels of excellence also within its production sites, as shown by their transformation into smart factories, by the installation of cogeneration and photovoltaic systems and by the introduction of technological improvements to protect the resources and reduce the carbon footprint. A constant commitment thanks to which Epta has achieved and exceeded the goals set in 2015, for -8% energy consumption/unit and 93% recycling of waste.

Adopting a responsible approach to create value: an orientation born in a natural manner and which has evolved over the years, becoming a common thread reflected in every sector of business life. The initiatives launched by Epta include the many worthy projects to enhance the talents and increase the knowledge of its resources. The EPTAcademy, developed with SDA Bocconi School of Management and which sees the participation of approximately 100 employees of the Group, has been joined by #24EptaTraining, the new learning route dedicated to all the collaborators of Epta Italy and the training cycle at ESTIA (École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées) for the managers of Epta France, Iarp France and Epta Iberia. Finally, Epta supports the FabLab Belluno association, is a partner of the Refrigeration Technician Training Centre, the first school lab for refrigeration in Italy, and of Cantau-Epta School 4.0 in France, confirming its will to continue to invest in the new generations and in their abilities, to promote a shared culture and thereby encourage territorial development.

Download Epta 7th Corporate Social Responsability Report

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2020 opens with the achievement of a new milestone for Epta, which acquires the status of Authorized Economic Operator A.E.O. at the highest level (Full A.E.O.) of reliability (IT AEOF 201673). A qualification of great strategic importance, issued by the Customs Agency, which certifies Epta as a reliable operator in customs operations (AEOC) and secure in the international supply chain (AEOS).

This is an innovative programme, founded on the principles of reciprocal transparency, correctness and accountability; introduced by the World Customs Organisation to facilitate legitimate trade and strengthen its security at international level. The Customs Code provides that this status is given exclusively to operators able to demonstrate their compliance with stringent criteria, appropriately verified during the audit phase. These parameters are assessed keeping account of the single requesting operator, the role it covers in the international supply chain, the dimensions, the complexity of the activities carried out and the types of goods handled.

Thanks to the new status, Epta enjoys mutual recognition with Third States benefitting from a series of advantages which include, for example privileged access to customs simplifications, more streamlined security checks and priority treatment during customs clearance. The certification is unlimited in time and besides the EU, it is also recognised in Switzerland, Japan, Andorra, United States and China. Attainment of the AEO qualification is a prestigious recognition for the Group, essential to implementing better customs planning and optimising its business strategy.

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Silver medal at the 23rd edition of the European Industrial Excellence Award 2019: Epta was recently awarded second best Company among the winners of the national editions. The ceremony, held in Barcelona on 4 December at the IESE Business School University campus of Navarra, saw the participation of more than 200 leading figures of the academic and industrial world to share best practices and underline the centrality of themes like sustainability, digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

The Industrial Excellence Award, of which Epta won the Italian edition in July 2019, is set up to enhance businesses, which, better than others, are able to translate strategic choices into tangible and successful actions, establishing themselves as the benchmark in their sector. Several best practices have been explored over the years: from Lean Management, to collaboration in the Supply Chain & Integration, to Operational Excellence, to Digital Business Strategy, which has been the focus of the 2019 edition.

The jury composed of teachers of Operations Management from the SDA Bocconi School of Management, selected Epta as winner of the Italian edition and, together with professors of WHU (Otto Beisheim School of Management) and of INSEAD (The Business School for the World) as finalist for the European competition thanks to the Business Unit of Limana. It stood out for the heavy investments in technological innovation and attention to the environment, and for training activities. The Group is committed to the continuous improvement of its production sites and the one in Limana is tangible evidence of this. In favour of reducing the environmental impact, Epta has realised cogeneration and photovoltaic plants and brought improvements to reduce the KOE (Kilograms of Oil Equivalent) /product.

Epta also promotes integration between digital technologies and automated lines through the adoption of 4.0 intelligent and cyber-physical solutions that they put into machine communication, storage systems and business processes, guaranteeing optimisation of production processes and improved data management to offer increasingly intelligent and hyper-connected products.

The jury particularly appreciated the creation of the glass factory plant, realised thanks to a strategic plan worth close to 10 million Euro which has allowed the Group to equip itself with new technologies and expertise, generating 100 new jobs in the Belluno area.

Innovation is also in projects that increase the knowledge of its collaborators and the of young people in the community, such as EPTAcademy developed with SDA Bocconi School of Management and the Veneto Region Dolomites HUB that Luiss Business School Hub and Dolomiti Confindustria is creating with the contribution of Epta and other local establishments.

Two other initiatives are also worthy of note: #24EptaTraining, the new learning path dedicated to all Epta Italia employees, to enhance their expertise in the technical, digital, linguistic, information technology and behavioural area. This is alongside the School of Operation: targeted at the employees of the Operations area, it is designed to be extended to employees of other departments, who can benefit from these lessons. The School of Operations is part of a wider project that includes the creation of “Schools” related to different business departments of Epta Italia with the goal of strengthening the expertise related to their specific sectors.

Finally, Epta supports the FabLab Belluno association, confirming its desire to continue to invest in the new generations and in their abilities, making the most of talents and promoting the digital culture, to encourage the development of the area.

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