A George Barker installation turns into an opportunity for the community of Wrose


Epta, with the George Barker brand, equipped the new Co-operative Group convenience store in Wrose, a small village near Bradford, England. The Co-operative Group, the UK supermarket chain for fair trade and responsible retail for over 15 years, has sponsored many new initiatives to develop the resources of the local community.
Attention to excellence led the The Co-operative Group to opt for George Barker when it came to preserving and displaying their products: multideck freezers, and vertical chillers with sliding doors give a contemporary touch to the store.

Sustainability and community: locally the village of Wrose is well-known for its Carnival, which has enlivened the early weeks of July since 1976. The event was cancelled in 2014 due to lack of funding, but it will be back again on July 4th, 2015. Instrumental to this comeback were Epta Deputy Account Manager Chris Sunderland and his wife Karen, who is on the organising committee to resurrect the Carnival for 2015. Thanks to the Sunderlands, the Co-operative has become a sponsor of the event. The Co-operative is also now a supporter of the local Low Ash Primary school, whose pupils – always at the heart of the celebrations - participated in the store's grand opening ceremony.