Who is Eurovent?

Eurovent is a non-profit association grouping together, at a European level, the main industries in the refrigeration and AC sectors. Founded in 1993, it represents over 180 manufacturers from 23 countries.

Scope of activity

To bring in objective evaluation criteria for defining energy classes of products, guaranteeing a level playing field for operators. To do this, Eurovent uses an independent certification body, TNO, who follows international legislation.

The value of Eurovent for Epta

Measuring the effective energy consumption of cabinets, for Epta, means offering clients high-quality products with guaranteed performance.

Complete transparency and professionalism for the company, supplying all necessary technical documentation to make sure it reflects the results of laboratory testing.

A case of success

Energy savings of 45% above market average were found for Proxima Volum by Bonnet Névé, in class A - and Epta is pleased to guarantee this to its clients.

The companies Costan S.p.A. and Bonnet Névé S.A. participate in the ECC programme for: Refrigerated display cabinets (RDC); Check ongoing validity of certificate online: or using: