What determines the good energy class of a refrigeration unit?

search 05 Jan 2022

Francesco Mastrapasqua

Energy class

To achieve the ambitious goal of Europe to become the first climatically neutral continent by 2050, the environmental impact of the total life cycle of the shop will be one of the key technological and decisional trends. An essential step to achieve this ambitious milestone has been the application, starting from 1st March, of the new Energy Labelling and Ecodesign regulations with which the European Union has introduced the obligation of energy labelling also for refrigeration appliances with a direct sales function, in physical and online shops.

What determines the good energy class of the products? Firstly, an attentive fluid-dynamic design inside the refrigeration units that, thanks to the maintenance of a constant temperature, contributes to the quality of the products on display. The choice of components, such as fans, lights, doors and insulating materials that carry out a crucial role in lowering the thermal load of the surrounding environment, is also essential.

The solutions proposed by Gruppo Epta are among the most representative of these factors, with particular reference to the GranFit range branded Costan, designed for large supermarkets and SlimFit for smaller stores. Both lines of the Epta brands are characterised by LED lights, high-efficiency electronic fans and glass doors, designed by a dedicated R&D team that has developed bespoke doors for the frozen cabinets.

More than ten years ago, Epta also introduced Computer-Aided Design tools to the field of fluid-dynamics, to support laboratory activities in a climatic chamber. This wealth of expertise consolidated over time allows the solutions of its brands to benefit from an optimised, state-of-the-art air distribution.

Another factor to consider, alongside careful design, is construction to the highest professional standards. The production lines of Gruppo Epta plants are highly automated and present robotised and integrated machines through IoT technologies, which ensure the achievement of high standards and respect for the design choices.

If it will be technically feasible to produce cabinets with the best energy class in coming years, the goal of Epta is to design these solutions on a large scale, guaranteeing, in addition to the reduced carbon footprint, also an attractive design, to transform each store into a reference point for Consumers, making it unique and distinctive.