The 3 advantages of assistance services for plug-ins

search 22 Mar 2022

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Quality is the watchword to keep in mind for companies that want to proceed with the purchase of plug-ins in the Food&Beverage sector.

A machine’s high quality is a rewarding factor in the long term. Brand managers, technicians, and purchase managers for companies in the sector must therefore closely consider the possibility of facing higher purchase costs when choosing display cases, translating to  better warranties and better yields over time. An element that can turn into a strategic investment for the company.

Customer care should be given just as much consideration, and not forgetting after-sales service.

It's also worthwhile to take a moment to understand what makes good customer care in a manufacturer, in order to better address purchase choices.

There are three factors and advantages for assistance and after-sales services that can make the difference.

1 - Refurbishing

Refurbishing a plug-in display cabinet means recovering now obsolete equipment in view of restoring it. The goal is to extend its life cycle with an ensuing positive impact, both in financial terms and for the environment. In the latter case, quality refurbishing helps eliminate the risk of gas leaks and other materials before the display case’s natural end of life. It’s therefore important to be able to rely on a well-organised and thorough refurbishing service: from cleaning the case, to controlling start-up and electrical and thermodynamic operation, to replacing aesthetic parts, such as the application of new graphics with decals on the plug-in.

2 - Maintenance services

Even here, preference is given to those companies that can boast of trained technicians along with speed of intervention in after-sales. Obviously, the recourse to maintenance services should be close to nil, right behind the quality of the systems chosen.

In terms of expenses, as previously stated, it should be noted that a lower initial investment on plug-ins can be detrimental to the life of the product. A display case with higher quality features requires a lower number of maintenance interventions, thus leading to cost savings over the years, on top of a longer median life for the product.

3 - Spare parts

A supplier’s reliability is also measured on the ability of the after-sales service to make machine spare parts easy to find, with wide-ranging coverage in various countries, so that any failure can be repaired as quickly as possible.

Remote monitoring A good assistance service is not limited to interventions in case of unexpected failure or a regular check-up of the plug-ins. The remote monitoring offered by some suppliers, for instance, enables remotely knowing the operation of the machines, whether these are on or off, and to provide other marketing analysis data, such as the load level and the analytics concerning the opening and closing of the display case. This information helps improve the user company’s management choices and make customers happy.