Talking Epta Arena @Euroshop 2023: Retail trends

search 16 Feb 2023

Header Talking Epta Arena

Spotlight on sustainability in Düsseldorf with Epta and the programmed speeches between Sunday 26 February and Thursday 2 March 2023 at the Talking Epta Arena (stand C24 and C42, Pav. 15). A place designed to promote greater awareness on the importance of choosing eco-friendly alternatives and to share insights on trends and Retail technologies. There will be speeches by experts of the sector, in addition to the Green Facts of Epta, as tangible actions to reduce the impact of the processes, products and entire supply chain.


Sustainability in action

At the heart of the set-up three Green Facts: endless research in innovative system technologies, a real green transition towards sustainability and best-in-class energy efficiency. The speeches will be on advanced technologies, result of the investments in research and development, a productive approach which involves the adoption of recycled and recyclable materials in addition to the reduction in waste and use of renewable sources. And, finally, energy efficiency is also the protagonist, so it will be possible to touch by hand the best-in-class in terms of Energy Labelling. On the stage of Talking Epta Arena Epta specialists and experts from around the world will take turns: Silvia Minetto and Judith Evan, representing the European project ENOUGH; Cheikh Faye, Program Manager of Eurovent Certita Certification; Darren Lacroix, European Account Manager CO2 and KC Chen, Vice President CO2 of Energy Recovery.



An international look at the Retail World

The prominent guests called to speak on themes related to the Retail world include Sophie Geoghegan, of the Environmental Investigation Agency and Claudia Horbert (EHI Retail Institute of Cologne), for a precious contribution on the themes of sustainability, of climate change and energy management. A second category of conferences will be dedicated to innovations in the sector and Ulrich Spaan (EHI Retail Institute), Cristina Lazzati (Mark up and GDOWeek), Olivier Dauvers (Editions Dauvers), Armando Garosci (Consumer goods industry) and Laureano Turienzo Esteban (Asociación Española del Retail) will be present to share their expertise.



Epta is delighted to welcome clients and visitors to its Talking Epta Arena @Europshop 2023.

To download the full program of the speeches click HERE.