Epta among the 100 most sustainable companies in Italy

search 14 Oct 2022

Sustainability Award | Epta among top 100 sustainbale companies in Italy

Epta is among the 100 most sustainable companies in Italy.

The Group was honoured on the 11th of October in Milan during the Sustainability Award ceremony. It is a recognition that supports and enhances Italian companies that are committed to our planet.

This initiative is sponsored by Credit Suisse, a financial services company operating worldwide, and Kon Group, a company active in the field of strategic consulting and corporate finance.


Energy transition: a difficult achievement for Italy

Looking at the data, a recent study of large retailers showed, for example, that almost 8 out of 10 consumers favour brands that promote sustainable environmental practices.

Not only that: 7 out of 10 consumers look favourably on companies that stimulate the community to contribute to the green transition.

What does this mean? It means that in the customer retention process, each company is valued not just for the quality of its products and services, but also for the values it conveys, the projects it develops and the goals it pursues.


Yet, a focus on Italy shows that it still lags behind many other countries, despite its improvements:

● only 56% of Italian groups publish a social report compared to 100% of the world's listed biggest companies;

● at an international level, women managers make up 40% of the workforce; Italy is stuck at 17%;

● as for waste, Italy is still about 4 percentage points short of foreign levels.


But that is not all. Although the environmental impact decreased with a 5.5% drop in energy intensity and a 6.6% drop in carbon intensity, the foreign values of 12.9% and 12.1%, respectively once again seem far off.


Innovation and sustainability: transparent governance and attention to the ESG framework

In this context, it is a great pride to be among Italy's green enablers.


Marco Nocivelli, Epta’s Chariman and CEO, says: "Being among the 100 most sustainable companies in Italy is a source of pride. We know very well how important it is, especially in our country, to be able to transform the climate emergency into an opportunity for growth and innovation. This is why we are attentive to ESG indicators, which measure both the direct and indirect environmental impact of our activities as well as the social impact, and why we consider it essential to adopt more transparent governance models. Encouraging brand loyalty for us means promoting sustainable innovations in line with market trends, which increasingly appreciate brands that are attentive to community and eco-sustainable objectives".