In the average-size supermarket, approximately 40% of energy is consumed by refrigeration: this is one of the main reasons that prompted the Group to take practical steps to promote energy saving and social and environmental corporate responsibility. A natural approach which has evolved over the years, with a variety of initiatives that now have a bearing on every aspect of company life

A representative example of Epta’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability os the reporting of its most signficant economic, social and environmental results. Indeed, in 2022 the Group published its first Integrated Financial Report, a milestone in terms of transparency and communication that represents a natural evolution for a group like Epta. This achievement follows 10 years of publishing the Corporate Social Responsibility Report, certified since its first edition in 2012 by the TÜV Austria Cert GmbH Institute, applying the GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives) guidelines. 

Key environmental results and goals


Recycled waste by 2025


Waste materials successfully recycled in 2021


of Epta’s solutions available with natural refrigerants


Water consumption in the years of 2019-2021


Reduction in CO2 emissions during production by 2025

>14.000 m2

Surface area of the Group’s Italian photovoltaic systems

Sustainable partnerships and green initiatives

Epta’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is born out by a number of initiatives and partnerships designed to promote sustainability. 

EptaPeople Forest on Treedom

The Group’s EptaPeople Forest sustains Treedom, the first Web-based platform allowing people to plant trees and watch them grow from a distance: between 2020 and 2023, it will ensure 1,500 fruit trees are planted and looked after in various parts of the world, for a greener planet.

Epta for Air France-KLM

Epta and Air France-KLM have reached an agreement to promote biofuel development for air transportation. The initiative involves research and development into biofuel to reduce CO₂ emissions, whilst at the same time conducting an awareness-raising campaign directed at key economic stakeholders, to promote the need for a green transition to reduce pollution.



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