Bake Off Italia: the display refrigerator by Epta

search 14 Oct 2022

Bake Off | Display refrigerator by Iarp, Misa coldroom

Epta is on air with Bake Off!

The tenth edition of the programme has just started, in prime time on Real Time. While all eyes are on the delicacies prepared by the contestants, someone may also have noticed Epta and its Iarp brand on the screen.


Bake Off Italia: the pastry challenge

When someone mentions Benedetta Parodi and Ernst Knam, your mouth probably starts watering: of course, we are talking about Bake Off, the most famous television programme dedicated to the world of pastry.

Now in its tenth edition, the show has retained its unique format. Over the course of 14 episodes, 16 amateur pastry chefs challenge themselves in impressing the judges, through both taste and the presentation of their creations.

The challenge, however, is far from easy. This year, the talent is focusing on a return to Italian tradition: apple pies, ciambellone cakes, tarts… grandma's recipes.


The refrigerated display case by Iarp that enhances raw materials

These recipes are apparently within everyone's reach, but they actually require not only amazing skills, but also carefully chosen raw materials.

And it is immediately clear why Epta is on the set of the most mouth-watering programme of all time.

The COUNTER 50 GLASS SILVER counter by Iarp ensures the right display of all the products and preserves their organoleptic properties, in favour of superior food quality.


Misa cold room: an ally in the backstage

When Knam is asked about the secret to becoming a pastry chef, the king of chocolate replies: "A kilo of passion, a kilo of respect, a pinch of madness and a lot of love, but above all, a lot of study and a tireless desire to discover and learn".


This kind of excellence is also demonstrated by Epta in its constant investment in the development of new technologies, proving that the Group is always ready to grow and move forward. An attention to both the display refrigerator by Iarp and the Misa cold room, an ally in the backstage to ensure optimal conservation of the products even behind the scenes. This is why Epta is a partner of Bake Off.