Kysor Warren Epta US Corp at its first ATMOsphere America


Kysor Warren Epta US Corp will debut as Platinum Sponsor at ATMOsphere America, now in its 8th edition, which will be held from 17 to 18 June in Atlanta, Georgia. A prestigious setting to share the latest technologies dedicated to natural refrigeration and explore the global trends with experts, policy makers and end users.


The first day will see the interview with Damon Wayatt, General Manager of Kysor Warren that will be the opportunity to present Kysor Warren Epta US Corp, resulting from the union of Epta and Kysor Warren. This new business merges the reliability and experience of Kysor Warren on the North American market, gained in over 135 years of history, with the innovative drive of Epta. The know-how capitalised by the Group in the development of natural refrigeration systems, will further strengthen the Kysor Warren brand, whilst promoting an even greater sustainable approach.


On the second day, Ignacio Chaparro, Mechanical Engineer of Kysor Warren will present Mexico's first transcritical system at Casa Ley grocery store chain and John Austin-Davies, a leading expert in the world of natural refrigeration and former Marketing Project Director of Epta Group, will introduce the FTE (Full Transcritical Efficiency) technology to the American public, with a speech entitled: “FTE in the US, who wants to be the first?” This system, already highly appreciated throughout Europe and in other areas of the world, for its simplicity and elevated performance in any climatic condition, presents itself as the transition engine towards natural CO2 systems in the vast North American territory.