Order, humility, balance, harmony, resilience and the ability to delegate: these are the values that always guided Luigi Nocivelli, founder of the Epta group.

His practical approach underpinned his many initiatives, both as an industrialist and as a man. To pay tribute to his memory, his children recently set up the website The project is divided into two sections: the Biography, which leads readers on a journey through his story - a story also turned into a novel published by Mondadori titled Luigi Nocivelli, A Story not to be Forgotten – and The Legacy, which describes the steps the family has taken to remember him.

It is a faithful portrait of one of Italy’s great entrepreneurs of the eighteenth century. Born in the plains of Brescia, he went on to lead top-flight companies through resounding successes and moments of difficulty. These such success stories included the family’s electrical appliance business, Ocean, and Ercole Marelli, before Epta was founded in 2003. He was an entrepreneur who was passionate about beauty and culture, and spent his whole life seeking to give back what he had received from life for future generations to enjoy. Combining his love of mechanics with art, industry with agriculture, and architecture and literature with technological innovation, he managed to create his own future, and created countless projects for the benefit of society.

In addition to the Epta Group, the greatest  symbol of his legacy, he has also left behind his collection of literary works, which are now available at the Ugo da Como Foundation in Lonato (Brescia). There is also the Botanical Park and the restored Basilica Minore in Verolanuova (Brescia), the Angelo Nocivelli Foundation for scientific research into genetic childhood diseases, and initiatives promoting Italy’s FAI (Italian Heritage Fund). The projects all bear witness to his values and his close ties with the local area. The family continues to keep them alive to this day, with further projects such as the recent conservation work on the FAI’s Abbey of San Fruttuoso and the Nocivelli Award for contemporary art.

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