Epta Deutschland, twenty years of success


Today, Epta Deutschland celebrates twenty years of business activity with an event dedicated to its employees and everyone who has contributed to the company's success. An event to take a look back on this journey, on the growth of the Company and to share together future projects.

The history of Mannheim's branch dates back to the early 1900s. Refrigeration has been the core of this site since the very beginning, as Mannheim has always been a reference point in the cold sector for the whole region. The origins of Epta Deutschland date back to 1997, when the Nocivelli Family founded B.K.T. Bonnet Kältetechnik GmbH, which was part of the emerging Epta Group.

In the following years, a 5,000 square meters logistic center in Brühl and a help desk in Mannheim were opened, in order to provide customers with an excellent service. Technical assistance is one of the core services of Epta Deutschland, combining complete systems with a high level of operational and energy performance with a wide range of after sales activities. Epta Deutschland can count on technical experts who work actively with Retailers to offer professional advice, retrofit solutions and telemonitoring programs.

Among the most important projects carried out over the years, the countless transcritical CO2 installations stand out. Epta Deutschland realized the first transcritical CO2 installations in 2006, contributing to the definition of new and higher standards in terms of energy saving and emission reduction.

Epta Deutschland offers today an essential contribution to pursue the Group‘s strategic goals, endorsing Epta core values.

Dr. Reiner Tillner-Roth, Managing Director of Epta Deutschland states: "I would like to thank all our team: with your passion, competence and motivation you supported Epta Deutschland and Epta group growth. Thanks to your contribution, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner, a pioneer of sustainability. Each of you has his share of success in Epta Deutschland’s story. Your commitment is fundamental to transform the individual accomplishments into shared achievements, enhancing the trust of our clients"