Rustic brick walls, wooden beams, metallic suspension systems that have been kept visible and large windows: this mix of materials and a major attention to detail are the ingredients that make the new store furnished by Epta Deutschland in Berlin truly unique. It is a retail store with an essential style inspired by an industrial past but which at the same time wants to integrate into the neighbourhood thanks to features that transform the market into a warm and intimate environment.

The Costan and Eurocryor branded Epta solutions won over the client thanks to their high degree of flexibility and personalisation. The new Costan GranVista Next positive vertical cabinets and the Tortuga horizontal cabinets, the traditional Eurocryor Bistrot and the islands Twin and Gemini with finishes that were devised ad hoc, ensure that the refrigerated items of furniture blend in perfectly in this industrial-chic setting.

The Eurocryor cabinet windows contribute to a more relaxed atmosphere: the semi-vertical cabinets Twin and Gemini with wood finishes were chosen for the freshest products and delicacies, while Bistrot was added to the Butcher and Deli area. For this project Bistrot features a special version of the Rondelle stainless steel module with a rotating countertop that make selection from the quality cuts of meat even more simple.

The self-service departments are dominated by the GranVista Next produced by Costan, that provide a touch of elegance and transparency that underscore the overall effect of the project. Indeed, these new cabinets will amaze the store’s customers with their clean lines, a lack of frames and the panoramic ends, for a lightness that makes the space very picturesque..

The store also features the negative Tortuga Costan cabinets, a concentration of high performance and functionality, that alternate glass, wood and black and steel coloured features: like the handles of the lids, that in this case open vertically instead of horizontally, for the added convenience of both the store’s Customers and staff.