Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director and Chairman of Epta is set to give a lecture at a seminar organised by the Facciamo 31 higher education institute. The lecture on the generational handover is scheduled to be held on 13 October at the historical Castello della Rancia castle in Tolentino (province of Macerata, Italy).

From the difficulties posed by change, to building competitive corporate renewal”: this is the common theme of the speeches which will be delivered during the workshop. Marco Nocivelli will be sharing the stage with Emanuele Preve, Managing Director of Riso Gallo International and Daniele Livi, CEO of FIAM Italia. His contribution will be on how to promote the entrance of the incoming generation whilst sharing the knowledge of existing experts. The aim is to foster stability and, at the same time, give the business a positive boost.

Marco Nocivelli, Managing Director and Chairman of Epta, states:In my view, the generational handover is a key moment in the lifespan of family businesses. As such, this handover has to be thought out, prepared and managed in order to achieve the level of professionalism needed to ensure the company’s continuity and development.” He concludes: “The lessons and sound values my father Luigi Nocivelli handed down to me are an important source of guidance for me and the Group. They ensure that the Epta house will continue to grow on its solid foundations.”