With its brand Costan, Epta is helping to provide day-to-day organic groceries to customers at IperBiobottega, the largest organic supermarket in Italy, located in Turin’s Corso Regina Margherita.

The recently renovated store is the jewel in the crown of the Biobottega chain, which for over fifteen years now has been nurturing its dream: to spread the culture of organic food and respect for Nature in order to live in a better, healthier and cleaner world. The brand’s mission is in fact to allow customers to rediscover wholesome food whilst protecting the wellbeing of people and the local environment.

In this respect, Costan has equipped the store with solutions that combine a low environmental impact with the utmost customisation, such as its traditional Rossini Design cabinets featuring high transparency and special wooden front panels. For the Bakery and Deli areas, where delicious Ready Meals can be purchased and eaten in-store, the choice fell to a finish which alternates a dark wood background with lighter vertical sections which recall the colour of golden wheat sheaves. In addition, the Butcher’s, Deli Meats and & Cheese sections feature Rossini Design with beech panels that highlight the wholesome, fresh nature of the products on display.

A further distinguishing feature of the store is the installation of a transcritical CO2 TN system, which harnesses cutting-edge technology to limit the environmental impact of IperBiobottega in Turin, in keeping with the guiding principles of this 100%-natural store.

Lastly, the installation is rounded off with semi-vertical Aeria units, Keplero promotional cabinets, positive vertical Gazelle cabinets, and negative Beluga cabinets.